Problem with preamp..need direction.

I have a cheap audcom 2 tube/remote pre w/auricaps.
Im getting music out of the L channel with the volume all the way down.It does it with the tuner,sacd player and phono.The R channel is quiet.
If there is no source of music (turn the tuner off) I get a hum from the L channel.
I have switched the tubes around,installed different tubes.No fix.

I switched the speaker cables in back of the amp and then the problem goes to the R channel.
I switched the I.C.'s in back of the amp....then the preamp and the R channel stays affected.
I guess this narrows it down to the preamp.
My question is "NOW WHAT"! I have soldering skills but thats where my tech.ability/knowledge ends.
I'd like to be able to do a DIY fix if possible.
Thanks for any help.
How bothersome is it really? As far as sound coming out with the volume control down, if it is just a bit, then the control is probably inexpensive and does not track well. Either replace it with a more expensive one, or live with it, it will do no harm. The question of hum with the tuner off merits a little more research. Does it do the same when the CD player is plugged into this input? How much hum do you hear, what is your amp and how sensitive are your speakers? A bit of hum in a simple tube preamp can be pretty hard to excorcize. Start by moving the preamp to a different position. Changing the lay of the power cords, etc. Talk with other owners of the design and the manufacturer.
Is it volume pot or attenuator?
Typical problem for volume pots indeed.
Viridian-The hum is audible anywhere in my room.
It diminishes w/music but is still there,but very low.Its the same with tuner/cd/phono.
It hums the loudest when no signal is being fed.
With the volume down all the way I can hear the music from the 1 channel throughout my house.
Makes good back ground music,but....would you really live with this!

Marakenetz-Its a volume pot.

Now here's my tech.knowledge at its best.Could it be a bad cap? Power supply?
I need some advice guys/Elizabeth.
try to replace volume pot for the alps japanese attenuator. it's affordable and will most-likely get rid of your problem along with valuable upgrade of your preamp.
It's time to send it back to the manufacturer or a good tech for repair. It does appear to be a power supply problem of some sort. It seems unlikely that you will be able to sort it out yourself. Marakanetz idea will be inexpensive to try and will be an enhancement even if it does not fix the problem so it will be a good idea either way. Please report back with the resolution.
I contacted the guy (Bob) I bought it from.
He is a good tech. and installed the auricaps.
I had 1 minor problem in the past and he took care of it free including shipping back to me.
I contacted him and he said it may be a pot or internal adjustment for voltage.There are 2 adjustment pots inside.I turned the adjustment screws but this did no good.
If I cant figure this out,I'll send it back to him.
He has offered (again) to take care of me even though I bought this pre off him almost a year ago.
Its sellers like him that make buying on AudiogoN a great pleasure...thank you Bob!!!
David, its only a guess, but, I think Marakanetz is right on.