Problem with phase

I have a problem that I have not encountered before. Go a used pair of Klipsch CF4 (fantastic speakers BTW) and was setting them up went I put on the Stereophile test CD and went thru the phase tracks. When the speakers were supposed to be out of phase and not produce a strong central image, the image was rock solid between the speakers and when it was supposed to be normal, it sounded diffuse. So I reversed the speaker leads on both speakers (+ to - and viceversa) and repeated the test and got the same result. Thinking that it was a glitch with that CD I pop'd the 'phle test cd2 and got the same results. What could be up? isnt revesing the polarity of the speaker cables supposed to invert the phase? if so, why would the issue not have been resolved?

Any input is greatly appreciated

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What you did was to reverse the ABSOLUTE phase, which can be important but which, as the others pointed out, does not address your problem.