Problem with my Triplanar

The other day I went to use my table, after NOT making any changes or adjustments to the arm.

I discovered that when I cue the arm to listen to any of the last few songs on a record, as the arm begins to drop towards the record, it drifts about 1/2" - 1" towards the outside of the record. Also, there is very audible mistracking as the needle moves towards the inside grooves of the record (last 1 - 3 songs).

This has never occured before. I even tried completely disengaging the anti-skate, but this made no difference.

I put in a call to Tri, but I am hoping that someone may know how to fix this in the meantime.
Is there any chance that the wand is touching the lift rest? Maybe it isn't dropping all the way every time.

...just a thought.
In addition to Mosin's suggestion, check the dressing of the arm wire as it exits the rear of the armtube and winds around to the shield ground screw on the baseplate. Make sure the wire has enough free play and isn't hanging up on anything as you gently swing the arm in and out.
Yeah, what they said. AS would be pulling inwards. It sure sounds like something got bumped. Maybe time to start from the beginning and double check all of the alignment parameters.
On my Tri-Planar A/S pulled outwards. Yours might be different. ;-)

... though never with enough force to cause this.
:-) Doh! That first snow yesterday has me all flustered!
Speaking of AS, I'm back to none.
I would definitely re-visit the setup from start (turntable leveling) to finish (geometry, azimuth, etc.).

Something changed, and this will recruit your observational skills to check amongst other things, what Win (Moisin) and Doug have recommended.

Yup (Dan) - back to zero antiskate on both the Artisan Cadenza (aka Benz Ebony S-Class) and XV1s.

After tutoring a good friend in the use of an arc protractor, he eliminated the anti-skate as well (on a Stelvio, Tri-Planar, XV1s). Anti-skate has always been a bugaboo with him - finding that there were sections of a large selection of records that sounded better than others. This is no longer the case.

It's growing apparent that the better your geometry is set up, the less anti-skate you need.

Thom @ Galibier
Try to take out AS completely. Also, check where actually the AS hits (it depends on the level of the arm above the surface).