Problem with my Atma-Sphere M60

Hope someone can help me out on this. My amp is 6 months old and one of the monoblocks stopped working. The amp has three fuses at the back. One of the three appears to be blown (its the third fuse closest to the right edge of the amp as you look at the back of the amp). I can really make out what kind of fuse it is. I think it says 5A 230V, but not sure if it is the slow or fast blow kind. Anyone have an idea? Could I find this at the local electronics store (Best Buy or Fry's)?
Well, not knowing which model your amp is, I will refer you to this Atma-Sphere webpage with all of the manuals. Fuse details are within:

Not sure a Best Buy would have it (and not sure I want to be anywhere near a Best Buy on Christmas Eve). But I'd guess Radio Shack or a hardware store would have the fuse you need.
If you have a radio shack near by , they should be able to help you out on getting the correct fuse.
5A should be Fast blow.

Check as they have a good list of fuses from HiFi Tunning to match your needs.
NO NO NO. Lapierre is INCORRECT.

My apologies for shouting Lapierre but I didn't want someone to make a mistake on incorrect advice. Look at each of the manuals for the M-60s at the link I provided. For each model, the fuse is always SLOW.

Not sure where Lapierre got this idea, But it is completely INCORRECT.

I've also asked Atma-Sphere folks about the boutique fuses from HiFi Tuning. They don't think pricey fuses make an improvement in the sound in their designs.

Lapierre's post is a great example of why posting questions like the OPs is a bad idea on Audiogon or an audio forum when it is possible to call/e-mail the manufacturer or find the documentation with the info you need on a manufacturer's website.

OK, rant over. Happy holidays everyone. Hope you can all enjoy some sonic bliss in the New Year.
I posted a longer rant about the inadvisability of asking questions like this. But it hasn't posted for some reason. Short version:

Lapierre is incorrect. For all models of M-60 the fuses are slow blow fuses, as the manuals I linked to make perfectly clear.

For questions like this, call/e-mail the manufacturer/retailer or go the manufacturer's webpage. Not a good thing to ask in a forum due to potentially disastrous incorrect information that might be given.
Thanks guys, I've already checked the owners manual. I have the latest version of the M60. The manual is not clear. It says I need a 0.5 amp fuse but when I took it to radioshack it was clear the fuse is 3 amp. The 0.5 amp fuse wire is very thin but the one that blew has thicker wire just like the 3 amp fuse. I've contacted atmasphere but no replies yet.
Roscoeii, don't worry. I know they're slow blow fuses. I figured out I need 3 amp fuse, not the 0.5 amp. I just looked at the fuses in the other working mono block to confirm which fuse I need. There are no 5 amp fuses on the M60.
I just looked at the fuses in the other working mono block to confirm which fuse I need.

There you go, one problem solved. The bigger problem I see is,why did the fuse blow on a six month old amp.
My bag Dracule. I figured you would just look at the other fuses to determine what you needed.

HiFi Tuning manufactures fuses SLOW and FAST. At first glance I only saw FAST 5A fuse which is what I posted.

Hopefully you get better fuses.
Thanks for your responses. Lapierre, Ralph told me it was most likely tube arcing that blew the fuse. Now, I have to check all the tubes in that mono block. Not fun.
It takes about 30 seconds to check for a tube that is arcing. Just knock on the top of the tube. That's the time-honored tradition since there have been power tubes.