Problem with Mog

I have a small system and love the quality of MOG but it is constantly cutting out and then beginning at the point it ended on many selections. I have a windows Vista software and a Behringer 202 dac (very inexpensive but sounds good). what can I do to get rid of the interruptions and pauses without music?
Thanks for your suggestions!!!
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I've been having the same issues over the past month or so on
all of my Squeezebox devices and computer. MOG is going
away, (forever) on April 15th, so I think they have just
abandoned the system instead of putting any money into it to
maintain it.

You'll need to start looking for an alternative. I've tried
trial periods from Beats Music, (which bought MOG), Spotify,
Rhapsody, Google Play. I really like Rhapsody the best and
will switch over once MOG goes dark.
Brian, give Pandora One a try.
Get rid of Vista. Upgrading to 7 is easy and you can pick up a copy cheap. That will help with newer software and will be less of a memory hog. Don't go to 8.
I have Windows 7 and I always have problems with MOG cutting out for a few years.
It's true that MOG is going away within a few weeks to be replaced by but MOG has been almost completely reliable for me for a couple of years on several Mac computers.

As Elevick suggested, Vista is one of the all-time worst operating systems and it's not looking as if Windows 8 is going to be any better.
I apologize and should amend my earlier rant about Windows Vista and 8, though I still maintain that all Windows operating systems are essentially elaborate hacks that should never have been visited upon ordinary folks.

The real issue with MOG, Pandora or Spotify is that no matter what operating system you're using for streaming music you're competing for bandwidth with the several billion other people on the Internet who are posting images of cute cats to Facebook, downloading gigabytes of pirated software and trying to hack into your bank account.

Expecting uninterrupted streaming over the Internet is like expecting to never have to slow down on the Interstate.

That's not to say the streaming sites are not a wonderful resource. As I said, I listen to MOG several hours a day, but I don't have unrealistic expectations about the quality of the experience considering the cost and the convenience.
I had similar Internet re-connecting problems using my Cisco Linksys E4200V2 router. It seems the Cisco Linksys maximum transmission unit (MTU) Auto 1500 setting causes re-connection issues (sometimes). Cisco Linksys Customer Service said to change the MTU 1500 setting to manual at 1392. As they instructed, I also changed the channel width to 20MHz and the channel to 9 - 2.452GHz. Since I made these changes, the re-connecting problems have gone away. I suggest you review these settings on your router. I suggest you call your Router Mfg and ask them about the MTU setting options. I do not know if this will fix your problem but it is worth a try. Please let us know if it works.

I switched over to using an Apple Airport Extreme router and have no problems. I am using a MAC Book Pro computer.
I've been listening to MOG on my Mac computers at home and in the office for a couple of years, using Verizon FIOS internet. I don't remember any song ever cutting out.
I listen to MOG on Windows 2012 server (likely not the best choice for this) at work for 8+ hours a day for several years and I cannot recall a single problem. However, we have large bandwidth at work so that is likely the reason.

I highly doubt Vista or 8 is the source of the problem.