Problem with McIntosh C-47 and MCT-450 using Digital DIN cable to playback SACD

I have the McIntosh C-47 Preamp and the McIntosh MCT-450 Transport and I have it connected to the C-47 via Digital DIN cable so I can playback SACD. I purchased the MCT-450 with the hope of growing my SACD collection (I have about 20+ SACDs and thousands of Redbook CDs). I have never had any issues when playing back Redbook CDs. However, when I playback SACD the player intermittently has audio dropout for a second or so throughout the disc. I know it’s not bad disc because if I go back to the same spot where the dropout occurred I will not be able to duplicate the issue.  Again, this happens to all of my SACDs (Example: I have the entire Dead Can Dance SACD MoFi Japanese release and it happens on all of them). It appears if I leave the MCT-450 on for awhile the chances of the audio dropout occurring is reduced. 

I have tried all suggestions from McIntosh Support: Their recommendation was to connect the power cable of both C-47 and MCT-450 to a cheap power strip that doesn’t have any complex circuit so as it won’t cause grounding potential issue on the MCT-450. That sounded fishy to me but  still I tried it with no success. They now want me to take it (MCT-450) to the dealer and see issue occurs there - to eliminate DAC (on C-47) and/or DIN cable issue- which I haven’t gotten around to because I have such a small collection of SACD that these days if I know I’m going to be listening to SACD I just power on the transport and leave it on for few hours prior to my listening session and that normally seems to do the trick - but not always.

Other than the brief audio drop out - as if someone presssd mute- on rare occasions instead of silence I have heard what sounded like digital noise - chirping etc.  Again- all this happens only during SACD playback and never occurs during Redbook playback.

I had searched for anyone reporting similar issse but didn’t come across it so would appreciate feedback from those with the MCT-450 using the Digital DIN cable.


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Thank you but I had indeed seen that thread; however, my issue is bit different in that it doesn’t happen only during when a track starts or in eternity tracks but happens even during middle of a song even in the middle of loud passage. I do think it’s a DAC issue because it’s so specific to SCAD only.
 I had a C 47. Mackintosh does a lot of things extremely well in my opinion. Digital is not one of them. 
...I meant to say, for my case “it doesn’t only happen during when a tract starts, as the other thread seem to indicate as known issue, but in my case it happens even in the middle of a song....”

I had a Classé CP-800 that broke and liked the idea of using DIN for SACD between the MCT and MC-47 but seems the issues is in the DSD conversion by the DAC in the C-47 if I’m understanding correctly and not an issue when the MCT-450.
Hello - 

I owned a C47 and still own a MCT450. Here is what I know as I encountered a similar issue.

Before the C47 I had a D150. Never had one issue with playing SACD over the DIN connector

Upgraded to the C47 as I wanted an analog preamp. While I did not have the drop out or silence issue you have, mine expressed itself as static. The music was still there but the static was a burst of noise for about 5 seconds. Random and never occurred at the same spot on the same SACD.

Took advantage of an upgrade offer and it became a D1100. No problems and life is good. The D1100 is significantly better than the D150 and the C47. No contest. I believe it has to do with it being dual mono, dual power supplies and excellent analog outs.

Added a C70 as I will be adding a Linn LP12 in late spring. The C70 is the cherry on top. Love it and makes the whole system come together.

Back to the C47 - I do think there is something weird going on with it. Perhaps try updating the firmware in both the C47 and MCT450. May require a factory round trip. Also try a replacement cable but moving from the C47 to the D1100 cleared my problem up. The common thread is the C47. This feels like a clock issue between the MCT450 and the C47.

As far as SACD goes I am a big proponent. I have the entire MoFi Dead Can Dance SACD collection as well and love it on my system. Also have the entire Peter Gabriel single layer SACDs and a bunch of SHMs. If you like Tangerine Dream, seek out their SHM SACDs as well.