Problem with Linn radio

Hi group,
Wondering if anyone else is having this problem: for the past few days, I have been unable to launch Linn radio on my PC. Usually, when I pick any of their streams, a window opens, which then launches another window that allows me to starts Windows Media Player. Recently, that's not been happening; what has been happening is I stare at a blank browser window which just hangs there.

Same thing happens when I try it with iTunes. It also happens on my iPad.

My PC is an older HP, running Windows 7 Home Premium, IE11, with all the latest updates. My antivirus is the latest version of Norton System Works.

My iPad has the latest Apple OS.

Try going to Linn to see if you can launch the stream; if you guys have any ideas, let me know.

Problem solved. Right-clicking on the link fixed it; something I didn't have to do before, and suspect a Flash update may have changed things up.
Thanks for reading,