problem with krell SACD/CD PLAYER

Category: Digital

i have question for you. i own a krell sacd std. and been through 2 unit they are sending me another have you had any problem with this unit. after couple hours the unit stop reading the disc. if i open the door over and over again it start working again. so far 2 units have done it. i hate to bother you but wonder if you had any problem with your unit. krell said the problem isolated i do not belive it. please if it is too much trouble let me Know.
Vito email is thank you very much p.S. also skips then quit reading the disk. i can not belive i am the only one not with 2 unit ver 1 and ver 2
I have a different problem with my 1 year old mk2 and is repairable.

Ask Krell to ship the unit back to them on their Fedex account. You have warranty for 5 full years, just a bit of inconvenience without the player.

Good luck.
It's those Phillips transports.
Have you treated any of your CD's with Auric or any other treatment? My friend had a Marantz 8260 that wouldn't read SACD Discs that were treated with Auric.