Problem with JVC XRCD24 cd??

Awhile back, I purchased JVC XRCD24 JM-XR24018 - Beethoven Concerto No. 1, Munch/Boston Symphony Orch. (Sviatoslav Richter, Pianst. There is an audible hum throughout the disc. JVC has supplied a second copy; however, absolutely the same problem. I am wondering if anyone else has encountered the same problem. Aside from the annoying hum, it sounds okay. Anyone with a similiar problem??

The only way to make sure is to play that disc on a friends system. If the hum still presists then it's a bad pressing/mastering. If JVC did not specify the problem then I would demand a refund.

The only experience that I've had is with Clifford Brown's Memorial Album CD. From tracks 1-9 there is a low level buzzing. At first I thought my headphones where not working but after listening closely sans headphones the buzz was still there. I briefly remembered reading something on the back of the CD when I first bought it. Upon closer reading it is clearly stated about the buzz and an audio drop out on track 17.

Best of Luck