Problem with Esoteric service

Hello all. I recently bought an Esoteric UX3SE from another site. It arrived intact. After giving it 24 hours to warm up, I settled in for a listen. It sounded great. However, the next day as I went to listen I found that the unit didn't want to read many of my perfect CDs. I verified that the discs played on other units. Still, the Esoteric gave the message "no disc". I called Esoteric to find out the cost of evaluating the problem and to find out their service cost. Two days into trying to get a call back, I'm worried about this company. The receptionist says that only one man; Brian can answer questions about my problem. I'm concerned with the fact that I've called three times in attempt to talk to him. Of course I can return the unit to the seller so I'm not out the money. Does anyone else have experience with Esoteric? I'm nervous about them at this point. Thank you. Joe

Oh they service them in US. Including services under the warranty. Provided you purchase it from authorized Esoteric dealer.

Yes, I fully understand that they have a US service center, but this is not the first time I've heard of a player having to go to Japan to align the transport, which seems to be one of the most likely adjustments that have to be made. Why don't they have an alignment jig in the US?  It's nuts. 

Not sure if this is accurate, but I've heard similar things about DCS, in that if you are not the original owner, the odds of getting used units serviced is not good.  I will avoid DCS and Esoteric.

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Thank You for the follow up. Which player did you purchase after returning the Esoteric?


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