Problem with Esoteric service

Hello all. I recently bought an Esoteric UX3SE from another site. It arrived intact. After giving it 24 hours to warm up, I settled in for a listen. It sounded great. However, the next day as I went to listen I found that the unit didn't want to read many of my perfect CDs. I verified that the discs played on other units. Still, the Esoteric gave the message "no disc". I called Esoteric to find out the cost of evaluating the problem and to find out their service cost. Two days into trying to get a call back, I'm worried about this company. The receptionist says that only one man; Brian can answer questions about my problem. I'm concerned with the fact that I've called three times in attempt to talk to him. Of course I can return the unit to the seller so I'm not out the money. Does anyone else have experience with Esoteric? I'm nervous about them at this point. Thank you. Joe
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If you'd purchased this from a dealer, he could help. If you're serious about repair, ship the unit to Esoteric so that they can diagnose the problem. (They can't troubleshoot long distance any better than your auto mechanic can.) If shipping to Esoteric makes you uncomfortable, return the player to the seller.
Hi cleeds, I don't think you understood the problem. I Can't get Esoteric to call me back! Shipping to them is impossible at this point unless they respond to my calls. Even if their policy is to deal only with dealers, I need to know that. That is a question I'm hoping someone here can answer. The player sounds really good. I'd like to resolve the issue. I did buy it from a dealer but not an authorized Esoteric dealer. With many companies, this isn't an issue. Most of my gear is second hand. Pass Labs never had a problem servicing my preamp or amp. What is Esoterics position? Joe
... I Can't get Esoteric to call me back! Shipping to them is impossible at this point unless they respond to my calls ... I did buy it from a dealer but not an authorized Esoteric dealer.
If you purchased this from a dealer, I'd let the dealer deal with the repair. That's a basic function of a dealer.  If you want to deal directly with Esoteric, what you need to know is clearly stated on its website: 

If you would like to return your product to us for service please use the guidelines below. No RA number is needed.

The shipping and mailing address is:

Tap Electronics Company

6920 Hermosa Circle
Buena Park, CA 90620
Tel: (714) 562-7400
Fax: (714) 562-7405

Monday – Friday
8:30AM-5:00PM, PST
Saturdays by appointment only

In your shipment please include:

1.A complete description of the problem
2.If there are any particular pieces of media that are more symptomatic than others, please include them. We will return the media with the repaired unit.
3.A copy of your proof of purchase to validate the warranty (if any).
4.Your name, address and phone number(s)
5.Any specific return shipping instructions
6.Your e-mail address
7.A FAX number if available
8.Do not include remote controls, accessories, power cords or manuals Our technicians have those items at each test station.

OK, SUCCESS! I spoke with Ted at Esoteric in California. The toll free number is in New Jersey. (where Brian apparently resides). Ted is a tech who gave me the scoop. Not as bad as I feared though this unit may need to go back to the dealer depending on what he agrees to. Because this unit is a UX3SE, Ted said it may need to go back to Japan as there is a jig for setting the laser only in Japan. Maybe not though. He is checking with Japan. Best case scenario is $300.00 to $400.00 or upwards of $800.00 IF it can be repaired here. I'll post the results as they become available. Joe
Personally, I would return it to the seller if possible.  I wouldn't accept an item that does not function properly and will cost hundreds to fix.  That is total BS.  
I certainly understand your thinking chayro. I do have PayPal protection as well as EBay. Actually, I bought a pair of Snell Type B speakers from the same guy two years ago. I drove 2 + hours to get there plus $80.00 in tolls. When I got the Snells home and further scrutinized them, I realized that the four midrange drivers were delaminated. I called the highendauction guy with the problem. He acted surprised and said that they sounded great at his shop. He did give me the option of returning them as he said he had no idea of where to get replacement drivers. I found them online out of Australia for $240.00 I think. I had paid $650.00 for the speakers (I bid $1800.00 but had no competition). So, I had $900.00 into a set of speakers that in my opinion are worth 10 times that price. I'm happy. (They are in MINT condition!) IF I have to put out $200.00 to $300.00 to get an Esoteric with a new lens, factory calibrated, I would be into around $2600.00 total. Highendaudioauctions is guilty of not verifying his equipment, for sure. I can think of several other times when I wound up getting a good deal because of situations like this. They can be a headache though. Joe
Hang in there -Joe.
it is imperative to post positive & negative experiences when dealing w/ these companies. Especially, when attempting to deal w/ a manufacturer like Esoteric. Their players are excellent and not inexpensive. Make certain you mark whom you talk to, date and time, for your records. 

Same goes for dealers/retailers to keep those guys in "check".
Keep me posted.
OK, Wow! Serious issue with this player. I spoke to the service arm of Esoteric. (It bothers me a bit that such a high end company contracts out their repair work). The Japanese gentleman at the service center said that if the UX model needs a new laser installed, it would cost $80.00 for the part and $240.00 for the service. I was feeling OK about UNTIL he said that ALL UX model must go back to Japan for this service! AND only the service center can handle the transaction. $2000.00 for the trip there and back. This sounds NUTS!!! I did return the player to highendaudioauctions. He reported to EBay that the player worked perfectly for them. He told EBay that I reported that it would not play any CD's. Not so. Anyway, beware of the UX models. Does anyone know if other repair centers could do the job of a laser assembly? According to TAP Electronics, Japan has an alignment jig that is necessary to do the job right. Hopefully, there is a domestic answer to this nightmare.
Thank You- Joe
for taking the time to keep us posted. WOW! is correct. What a nightmare?

I had my laser replaced on my DV-50 not too long ago and went through a local Esoteric dealer, even though I did not buy it new or from the dealer.  He handled everything and it shipped back to California for repair and was turned around quickly.

It has never sounded better.  I think I paid a couple hundred dollars for the repair and it was well worth it compared to what a replacement of comparable performance would cost.

$2,600 to repair a used item is ridiculous.  I'm glad the OP was able to get his money back.
Thanks! for sharing- jim_swantko
I was reading this thread as I have an Esoteric UZ-1 that needs fixing. It’s been 3 years since this thread was started and I called Esoteric Service today and they still are talking about some jig that only exists in Japan. I can’t believe that only one jig can work on these machines and it only exists in Japan. Something to think about before you dive into these expensive products!
Yes, you would think that someone else could do the repair. I wonder what would happen if you called Cary Audio. MAYBE they would be willing to give it a shot. The Japan answer is crazy. Did you get the price from TAP for this service? I heard it is in excess of $2000.00 JUST to send it to Japan and back! Good luck. Let us all know if you find a domestic solution. Maybe TAP would be willing to repair without the jig alignment?? Joe
jnovak, From your first post it sounds like you're leaving the player on at all times.  If you are, try shutting it off and unplugging it for a minute.  It's worth a try.
Thanks for the tip tomcy6.However, I sent the player back to Highendaudioauctions from whom I had just purchased it. I followed it on eBay for the resell. They sold it again as a properly operating player. The buyer of the player returned it to them as did I. The next time around it was sold "as is". I can't remember how much it sold for but I think it was around $500.00 if that. Joe