Problem with Electrocompaniet DAC

I recently purchased an Electrocompaniet EDC 1 24/192 upsampling DAC. I have been using it, with my Sony SCD-1 as a transport, for playing redbook CDs. I have been VERY happy with its sound.

I have had 2 odd things happen though. One day I tried to play a CD, and no sound came out. I turned off the DAC and then turned it back on. It then seemed to work fine. Next, last night, I was playing several CDs. The first couple were fine. Then I put on another CD. While it played, the sound was obviously muffled. I turned the DAC off again, as before. Again tha seemed to correct the problem. It then played the CD fine.

Has anyone had an issue like this? Any ideas on what is going on? Thanks
I called Electrocompaniet US distributor. They said it may well just be that a charge of static electricity effected the DAC, and that all I had to do was reset the unit by turning it off and on. This seems consistent with what has happened.
I've had the same thing happen to my ECD-1. Simply "reboot" and all is well.

I also use a SCD-1 to feed the ECD-1 Dac and find it an incredible combo!