Problem with EAC

I have been using EAC to extract CD data flawlessly for several years. Yesterday whilst trying to access freedb data for disk inforamtion i recieved this error:
"error - can't contect to host"
I had not changed any of the parameters and EAC is set to access a remote database through Http at:
Has anyone recived similar errors recently? If not please could you let me know an alternative / mirror site that i can access freedb from.
I had that sort of glitch recently. I changed the "freedb.freedb" to "www.freedb" and now it works fine. I think freedb.freedb tries to connect you with a random server and there may be some issue with it. is here in the US--you can also look at the other mirrors for something local to you...
I changed the url to but i am still getting the same error?
Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Like all things electronic the problem seems to have 'magicaly' corrected itself...
The EAC is not bullet-proof (yet-hopefully) - still being worked on - neither is microsoft window for that matter.