Problem with Denon CDRW1500

Anyone who owns a Denon CDRW1500.

Can you please tell me if there is a special brand or rated speed of CDR I need to be using. Everything I try is not recognized as a valid audio disc.

A lot of CDR's are not compatble with a home deck - only computer burners. You need to get the kind that is also home audio readable. It will say this on the packaging.
Have you tried,
Maxell CD-R music
Sony CD-R music
TDK CD-R music
I have a Linn Genki which choked on all CDRs. After experimenting with different recorders and different CDR brands, I just found a combination that works.

Plextor CD/DVD Computer Burner (purchased at Frys Electronics)
Maxell CD-R Music PRO (purchased at Wal-Mart)
Roxio Creator Classic Software (received free with Plextor) with the following configs:
1. Writespeed - 4x (slowest)
2. Buffer Underrun Protection (checked)
3. Enable VariRec laser intensity (set to 2x)
Note - Its possible that you may not need to config Roxio like this, but these are the recommended settings for the most stubbord CD players. Best of Luck.

still no go. I have two 3 pc's one with 4 burners but I want this DENON to work for digital source recording


Can you clarify what's not recognizing the "audio disc". Is it a CD player you are using after a burn session, or is it the Denon CDRW while attempting a burn session?
Yes, it is the CDRW1500. It won't let me dub or record a to blank disc. I talways says 'Use Audio CD' but I have tried multiple brands andd pored over the manual time & time again. I just ordered a 1-24X disc from here: they say they're aren't any? oh man.........

Can you install a redbook cd in the cdp/cd burner drawer and does it read and playback ok?

I am having the same problem you describe when I try to record - very bizzare considering when I put a blank disk in the right tray it scans it and then the "CD-R" indicator light turns on in the lower left corner of the display. Still it says UseAudioCD. Please advise if you find a disk that works - I'll do the same.