Problem with CJ Phono Pre and Dynavector MKIIXX2

Have Conrad Johnson Amp and Pre--so decided I would go and splurge on the TEA 2 SE Hi Gain--problem is, the "hi gain" from Conrad Johnson is apparently not enough "gain" for my also expensive Dynavector Moving Coil Cartridge--

What a mess. I was told the Hi Gain choice from CJ would work well with my choice of low gain cartridge---now I have two expensive investments that do not work together.

Next??? apparently the CJ will work well with a moving magnet--but not with the latest moving coil. Not sure which of the two items I can more readily sell on the market, and or if there is other solution?? Ideas welcome.
See my similar question in Analog under "SUT's carts and amps". With 55/57 dB gain we are screwed. It's subtle but, beautiful as that cart can sound on some music, the lack of dynamics and drive on rock/pop eventually wore me boringly down. I think the .6 mv Lyra Delos is in my future.

Have you considered using a step up transformer?
does step up transformer have anything to do with audio "hum"---? I am thinking it is something else either in cartridge set up and or phone pre.