Problem with CD playing through...

Hello to all...

I'm having a problem with my CD player playing CDs all the way through: 

Marantz SA-8001 - have about 10 years (purchased used).
Played fine until about 6 no. ago, when it started to skip on the playing disc and not reading others...
Never turn CD off; clean discs with a soft cleaning cloth before playing; use Maxwell CD cleaning disc about every 10 hrs; sometimes use buttons on unit but mainly use remote to open/close, repeat or reply tract...

Discs that I've had for years have stopped in mid-song or more upsettingly, suddenly sound like they are being ground up insider the player! Then sometimes the music continues to again play, sometimes backs up and replays, sometimes just stops playing with no sound...

Anyone - HELP! Ideas, Suggestions, Examples, Experiences - or reasonable suggestions. No money for a new player - I need to figure out a home fix or if worse, a n expensive trip to diagnose...
I think this dates from 2006-2007 era, sounds like the laser is taking a hit.

Here’s a couple relevant links, good luck:
Very likely the laser as stated.
The grinding sounds are where it is trying to read and rapidly going back and forth in its best attempt.
Similar event you can expect with a very dirty disc like with a huge thumbprint or similar. It just does not know what to read. 
Good luck
Cleaning laser should help. Some people had good results with tiny bit of mineral oil on the rails of the laser carriage. Be careful with it - just tiny amount.
My CDP had Philips mechanism with magnetic clamp disk holding CD. This disk had felt on it, that got worn-out leaving gap (CDs wobble a little).  Let us know.
Any idea how labor rates go for this kind of replacement, or how much the part might run?
They are cheap for a new laser $30, and if you have some mechanical electronic ability you can do the job yourself in 1/2-1hr.
Or get a new one ripped by the service guys for a couple of hundred dollars labor, and they’ll charge over $100 also for the laser. (they won't like the idea of you supplying the laser, as they can't make on that too)

Cheers George
I do not believe it is the laser itself going bad ( optical ), as it has been my experience, since the early 80's and the intro to cd playback, the laser reads, or not. Likely, a transport situation ( mechanical ), as mentioned above. Maybe a good cleaning of the internals, or, an alignment, is necessary. At one time, I was able to do the laser assembly replacement myself, but the eyes, and hands, are not what they were ( thank goodness my ears are in fine shape ). The player, as I spoke highly about it on another thread of yours, is worth getting repaired. 
Thanks again mrdecibel: I'm fond of the player - even though using the remote has the unit doing everything before PLAY at the speed of a scared snail...

Thanks to all for input ...
Lasers always take the blame.  Check out this link for some very helpful info.  Good luck!
Sounds like it is worn out.
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As above, the player is worth repairing. Keep us posted on your decision.

Happy Listening!