Problem with Bryston 4B SST.

Just today I noticed that when I turn on my Bryston the red clipping lights come on for a couple of seconds and then turn green. This is something new. Can anyone provide any insight as to what this may be? I’ve searched for this but have not found this exact issue. Any help will be most appreciated. Thank you.
It's normal. My Bryston 2.5 SST2 has done that since I fist bought it. There's no problem.

     As luxman said: normal

     ie: Look at Page 2, number 2, under ’LED Indicators’ and then, immediately below: ’Power up sequence’, in the manual:


     All you'd have to do is take your eyes off the amp, for a couple seconds,  after switching it on. 

     Dementia's my story.

     You're probably too young for that crap!
I have the exact same amp. It is the correct behavior. This is from page 2 of your manual:2. L·E·D INDICATORS
Each SST2 channel has a LED indicator to monitor the following conditions:
Unlit - indicates channel has no power.
Red - indicates channel is muted (power-up)
Green - indicates channel operation is normal.
Flashing Red - indicates channel clipping.
Orange - indicates channel thermal shutdown.
After pushing the power switch ( in the picture above), each channel LED will turn from unlit to red (mute). When the power supplies have stabilized the channel will come out of mute and the LED will change to green (normal operation).
UNLIT L·E·D ( No power )
The SST2 channel LED when unlit indicates no A/C mains power is present at the channel. If both channel LED indicators are unlit the amplifier probably needs only to be powered on.
CLIPPING ( flashing red )
Clipping occurs when the channel output level no longer can follow the level increase at the input (Over driven input condition). When an SST2 channel is driven into clipping the channel LED will change from green to red then back to green when the level is reduced ( Flashing Red ). Momentary clipping can be tolerated, however it indicates that maximum undistorted power has been surpassed and potential speaker damage may result if overload conditions persist. Any amplifier that is constantly operated into clipping indicates a more powerful amplifier is needed for that application.
Each channel has thermal shutdown circuitry to prevent damage due to overheating. Should thermal shutdown occur, the channel will mute, and the channel LED will turn orange indicating this condition. When the channel has cooled to a safe operating condition the channel will return to normal operation. Persistent Thermal shutdown indicates steps need to be taken to increase airflow across the channel or channels heat sink. ( Also see installation section on ventilation ).

Man one of my 7b sst2 smelled like an electrical fire. The lights inside where flashing red, normally there green.  I had to reset it. Once back on the front light went green and red maybe orange I don't remember. The top was warmer than the other amp and I wasn't running them hard. Shut it down and pulled from service. What do you think, send it in? I've put another amp in there place. 
Send it in. That's why they have a 20 year warranty. Customer service at Bryston is one of the best in the business.
Disconnect the speaker(s) from the 7b and try to turn it on. If it seems ok trace the wiring to the speaker looking for possible damage and shorts. Check at the speaker terminals. When disconnecting the spearker at the amp look closely at the two leads for any possible cross connecting of wires.
Good advice Jerrold. If that fails, call Bryston. They are very helpful and have SUPERB customer service.
This one monoblock in question has always ran 10 degrees hotter than the other. Not until I moved my rack did it mess up completely though. I'm using another amp and it's not having a problem. 
The man who repairs out of warranty Bryston has a set of parts he will install no matter what the issue.  I sent a preamp in for a new power cord and got a note on my bill, "Standard (refurbish?) kit".  I might have forgotten the exact word following "Standard?.  So, $240 for a cord.
He must've replaced the caps and got it back to spec for 240, think they'd go that much for just a cord?

I sent both amps in to Bryston, one had a loose connection according to them. They Tightened it up and the other one has the slight vibration on the starting circuit and they said we can't do anything about that!  The note says it shutters! Cost me almost 400 for shipping. When I go to move up the line A prospective buyer will probably not buy the amps now. Thanks Bryston 

@brunomarcs, how is the $400 shipping cost a Bryston issue?  Did Bryston charge you for the diagnosis?

I never said the cost of shipping had anything to do with Bryston, Bryston didn't charge me anything and sent the one amp back saying there is nothing we can do, (left the shuttering problem alone) They made sure they were both up to spec though  


When I Asked mike picket about it, I didn't get an answer! Now The amps play just fine but I wanted it fixed so I can possibly sell or trade them when I move up to the 28's, so far I haven't found a dealer to take these in on trade, they want cold hard cash.  I can show anyone the note from Mike Picket pertaining to the shuttering as not being a problem but most would have a problem with there gear making noise like  that.

The bias on the amp is probably off. Is the amplifier hot to the touch as well? especially on the side rails?

Hey guys. I have a 7B SST2 that has gone into protection mode after I bumped the turntable (the volume was up pretty loud). The front lights don’t come on, and the startup light inside (visible from the top of the amp) blinks red. I’ve disconnected the speakers and the source, and left the unit unplugged overnight to no avail. Any suggestions before I reach out to Bryston? Any contact info welcome too.  Thanks