Problem with black finish - ML Quest Z speakers

Hi all, I am new to this board so pardon me if this has been asked before.

The rubberised black matt finish on my ML Quest speakers seems to have "melted" perhaps because of the humidity or temperature. When I touch it, it feels sticky and comes off black on the hands. Has this happened to anyone else before? How do I remove it or clean it? I have tried window cleaner with some success but the finger prints and hand prints are clearly visible. thanks.
Sounds like defective paint to me. This is happening a lot these days as EPA requiremnets force manufacturers to change the type of paint they use. The new Lycoming engine in our airplane had to be removed and sent back to the factory twice because the paint wouldn't stay on (and it is important for corrosion protection). Lycoming had to stop using the paint that they had used with great success for about 50 years. In our case Lycoming paid all the costs. Good luck with ML Quest.

In general I have found it difficult to keep speakers in unblemished condition. Note that the ProSound folk cover their speakers with carpet. Maybe they are on to something.
I too have had problems with 5 of the 8 pair of martin logans over 16 years I was into M/L.Cosmetic problems, pannel problems ,dammaged drivers,power supplys that would no turn off ,Missing parts,more. These where all in new speakers .I truely think martin logan needs to spend more time on quality control.
Thank you all for your response. It would seem to me that perhaps I just got a bad one, or the heat/humidity is high here (Singapore). I'll contact ML and see what they say.