Problem with Audio Research Ref 3 or Ref 210's

Tonight I was listening to music on my new Maxx 2's and out of nowhere the music just got louder...I had the Ref 3 volume on maybe 52 and now if it's on 52 the sound is blasting loud. I also have a CD7...Any idea what could have caused this to happen?
Did you inadvertantly change the gain setting?
Sounds like the processor in the Ref 3. Could have been a power surge or spike that may caused this to happen.
Turn off the unit and unplug it for 10 seconds, plug it back in turn it back on. That should resolve it
Also, you may want to call Audio Research and talk to Leonard, he's very helpful.
not that i know of...I was using the remote control. I didn't even know that they have a gain setting on the Ref 3.
I can almost guarantee that you changed the gain.

My LS26 does the same thing. I think the frequency to change volume may be quite close to that which adjusts the gain.

This happens most often when I am holding the volume button down - versus pressing one after another.
I have noticed that the Ref 3 has such great dynamics that volume seems to change (increase) when transitioning from a mellow piece to one with more dynamics. It is just explosive. Are you sure that is not what you are experiencing?
Dbarger, I'm definitely sure that's not what i'm experincing...this thing is super loud now.

spoke to Audio Research today, they said also said it sounds like a power surge hit the unit. I have to unplug it to reset it. I will try this tomorrow when i return to town.

I've got the same problem as yours just last week. I do not think there was any voltage surge. It's still operational, yet my regular operational level is at 15, instead like 38 before!!!

Any solution in the meantime for your preamp?

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