Problem with AR Ref 300 Mk II - any experience?

One of my Audio Research Ref 300 Mk II Power Amps has no output. Power ist ok, Switch on process is as usual, but the 8 power valves show practically no voltage when checked. The meter moves only some 3mm from the "parking position" on the left side.
Does anyone have any similar experience?
Are there any switches, additional fuses or the like, which I am not aware of?
Best regards!

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Hi Otto,

A few weeks ago, i did have the same problem with the ARC ref 300 MK2. In my case a fuse 275mA was broken.
The fuse is located inside the amplifier on the left-backside, its easy to find because as far as i can see there is only one fuse on the printboard.
The fuse is placed between capacitor and tube V14.

I hope this information will solve your problem, succes with it!

Regards, Gert
Hi Otto,

The nominal value of the fuse is 250mA/250V (fast type), so i think the fuse with the tin wire seems to be the right, original one. If you take a good look at the metal parts of the fuse you can see the value.
The fuse feeds the 8 output tubes, so if there is something wrong in that cirquit or modificated it is possible that the original fuse of 250 mA will blow-up.

Best Regard, Gert.