Problem with American Beauty DVD-A

I bought a DVD-A of Grateful Dead's seminal American Beauty album; my LP is hopelessly worn. I am using an Exemplar/Denon 3910 with a 2 channel system. I have 1 or 2 other DVD-As that play fine. The Amer. Beauty plans with one channel (right) being 3-4X louder than the other (left). I have swapped cables and determined that this issue is at the 3910, but all other disks seem to play fine. Do I have a defective disc, or is this a problem with the remix? Any ideas?
Swampwlker if no one else can help I know David Lemieux who is the Dead's tape archivist. If there is any issue with the mix he would know, though I doubt they would would mix in a channel imbalance. It's probably a defective disc, perhaps others who own it might know. If you can't get any further help let me know and I'll ask him.
Try playing it in multichannel mode, although you will only be hearing the front half of the program. Are the left and right equal? As I understand it, DVDA stereo is a realtime mixdown of the multichannel info according to coefficients on the disc. Maybe the coefficients are messed up, and you are the only guy playing the disc in stereo. Interesting problem.
I have that disc, I had problems getting mine to play mulitichannel although it played stereo fine.

Many players have problems with that disc...not all. When I got it I did a search at AA forum and found other posts regarding problems others were having.

It does play fine in another player I now have.

Jond- Some suggestions here; I will email you off-line if these don't help.
Eld- I will ahve to give that a try.
Dave- My problem seems to be the opposite, but maybe my player is not set up correctly. I will have to try and slog through the tome, I mean manual, to see if I can figure out the set-up menus w/o a tv plugged in.
I have that disc and it plays OK in my Toshiba SD 9200.
Swampwalker...Spring for a $70 13 inch TV and make setup easy!
Actually, all I have to do is roll over a tv on a cart and replug it in, add a video cable and viola. Just too lazy these days. Going to see some hoops tonight, maybe when I get back.