Problem when volume turn up

I have a Cary SLP 05 pre, Cary 500MB amp and paradigm s8 speakers. When I turn up the volume by 1\4, the system cuts off then I turn the system off wait a few minutes and everything works fine. When I play at a moderate volume everything works ok. Any ideas?
Does this occur after playing it for a while or as soon as you turn it on? I am just guessing here, but it sounds like it is going into some sort of thermal overload and is shutting itself down!
Turn it up a "1/4" from what level? You say it works fine at "moderate volume". I'd have to agree to the amp shutting down via a protection circuit. If what you are experiencing is not a result of you trying to get higher SPLs than the system is capable of: You may have a defective protection circuit. Contact Dennis Had at Cary( I've found him to be very helpful/customer oriented.
Hi, Does this happen no matter what source you are listening to?
It happens anytime, either as soon as I turn it up or playing for a while, 1/4 from zero. When it is up less than 1\4, everything is normal, no issues. I only have one source, thats the CD player. I have already called Cary and they are researching. thanks everyone for the feedback.
What CD player do you have and does it have a volume control?
Have Ayre CX7e, no vol control, running everything in balanced mode.
This is the feedback I got from Cary

"I spoke to my Designer. The volume in respect to the speakers may be to high in regards to the signal being fed to the CAD 500MB's which could be causing an over current condition therefore the reason the units are shutting down when listening at extremely high levels this being that the circuit overload protection circuit is kicking in and protecting the CAD 500 MB's. One suggestion is that by turning down the Right and Left channels of the SLP 05 by the input level knobs which would give you more range on the volume knob."
Samaba, adjusting the preamp channel controls is really just a balancing act (no pun intended) but it doesn't solve your problem, it only allows you to turn the volume contol further to the right because you decreased the signals to the channels. I hope I am wrong, but I think it is going to happen again, except maybe this time it will be when your volume control may be at 1/6. Just for the hell of it, check to make sure all of your cable connections are secure.