Problem w/ Rotel RCD-865 & Musical Fidelity x-dac

I have a Rotel RCD-865BX cd player in a third system that has a problem. When using its digital output into a Musical Fidelity X-DAC it skips at the beginning of each track, but when you use it as a standalone cd player it works fine, no skipping. It's not a problem with the X-Dac as this Dac works fine with other transports. Is it a weak signal output in the Rotel or something else? I have no idea. Thanks
Are you using the same cable with the other sources?Just a thought.
Although not the same model, I have the 855 & the digital out never worked correctly. I finally removed it & used the hole to install some nice RCA's.

Tried several DAC's and they all worked fine w/other units.
It's not the cable as I've tried other cables and the problem persists with the Rotel digital output