Problem: Power. Solution: ?

Live in a converted warehouse in New York City. Not moving. No means to adjust outlets, no idea about power "quality."

Solution for conditioning/powercords:

(need to protect two "sources" only: CD and integrated amp).
Dear Keiserrg,
The Running Springs Audio Duke has voltage stablization as well as extremely high filtration rate. This works fantastic in highly polluted a/c enviroments. It's 2 outlets are perfect for your needs. These are also non coloring and non current limiting. You don't need to worry about a power cord as the matching Running Springs/Cardas Mongoose power cord is included.
I like (both of) the ExactPower units. I think, after doing a lot of due diligence and research that for now anyway, they get more things right design-wise than the others, and are therefore a better value. But that's just my conclusion. (I am not associated with any audio equipment manufacturer)

My advice: READ, read, read! Compare data (the hardest part!) Then, call the manufacturers and ask questions about specifications or features you don't understand, and don't let them off the hook until you are comfortable with their explanations. . . . .

Remember, when you select a piece of equipment (or a piece of fruit, or a mate even!), you've automatically UN-CHOSEN many others. Do all you can to make sure the ones you've "un-chosen" are truly less qualified. It's your money/time/life/satisfaction etc.
Oh, if it were that simple. BTW, I yam' Captian Simple.I have almost bought 3 different conditioners in the last week or so. I like the "un"-part/reference. The phobia of leaving the best "un-chosen" one behind is the problem. I swear I have read so many blurbs for so many of the higher end conditioners.---Everybody says their product is the best and they all take you to euphoria,and beyond. Some do things differently and claim their way is best. With all the end results being similar.--- BTW, does anybody know how long it takes for a 'mov' to fail? As the competition jumps all over each other that seems to be a comon place to start.
Euphoria and beyond! Now yer talkin'!!
You probably have access to 460 three phase power. I'd get a BIG isolation transformer, 460V, three phase...
I remember reading about mov's in an expert article in Byte magazine years ago. IIRC, there are differences in quality, but they all fail after a certain amount of stress, leaving your equipment uprotected. At that time, anyway, the technology allowed the mov to fail with no visible evidence that it had done so. The writer recommended a different approach to surge protection. I believe he preferred transformers.
"Euphoria and beyond"-- A little over the top?? Reminds me of the line from "White Men Can't Jump": "I love you infinity plus infinity"
IMHO: PS Audio P500 is the best way to go, if you can afford it. It gives a steady 60hz sine wave, isolation, surge protection and doesn't limit current like lots of other filters. You can't get better power than a pure 60hz sine wave. I use two P500's. Together they cost more than my integrated amp, but they're worth it. I could have purchased one P1000, but two P500's allow me more outlets, better isolation, better cooling, and more flexibility. They make a HUGE improvement in sound quality. BTW: I have no affiliation with PS Audio, and nothing to sell you.
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