Problem on Sonic Frontiers Line 3

I am looking for international help for a problem of my lovely Line 3. When My Line 3 is on and the music don't play I can turn the volume knob until 95,5 db and all is OK, but if the music play when I turn the volume knob over 81 db the pre goes in stand bye and the red led protection on board is on. Somebody have experince about a damage like this. I live in Italy and could be aproblem to send the unit in Canada

Regards Fabio
Is your room a huge concert hall until you have to crank up the volume till 81db? That is very loud! Frankly I haven't turned up my Line 1 past 70dB. You must have played the music too loud that caused this to happen, I may be wrong. Sorry I can't be of any help.

Suspect bad tube first and try different ones...
If problem's still there, I'm sure that in Italy plenty of manufacturers of a tube equipment that could also troubleshoot your amp.
Yes, many technicians in Italy to fix this problem. I have a guy who rides up on a motorcycle with tools on backpack and fixes my equipment. (my beloved dog blew up my beloved amp by stepping on speaker wire and shorting leads).
Swap the tubes as Marakanetz said. If that is no help, then I can think about any distributors, reputable ones of Pathos gear that might have the expertise and contacts with them to get your preamp looked over. Pathos makes tubed gear integrated with remote functions. I am sure that their factory can do something for a fee.
Very interested in your opinions. I step on my wires to Hammy. I bought an excellent sfl2 from sutts on gon. He owns a 3 and does he know sonic frontiers .... he lives a stone throw from sonic and parts connexion.
I own a Line 1 SE and was told straight from SF that most issues that occur with the Line series are tube related. I would test current tubes or consider retubing before sending off to Canada. You could also try e mailing SF tech dept to see if they have any ideas. I found them to be very helpfull.