Problem - Gain out of my cable box to my Processor

I'm connecting my Cable Box to a surround processor (Meridian 565) using an optical cable. The sound is very low, I have to really crank it to hear. Tried using a digital cable and have the same issue. The sound is normal if I use either of the same connections coming from my bluray. Anybody had this experience? WHAT TO DO?

Try Hitchhikers Guide to Meridian thier web site:

This will take you directly to thier forums.

Hope this helps
check your cable box setup. Mine have the ability to control volume output. You can switch the volume between variable and fixed. Chances are you have it set on variable (many come that way default) and the volume level on the box is set low. You can either switch it to fixed, or turn the volume up (though I would put on fixed as the digital volume controls can't improve fidelity).
I have Comcast and the same problem.
In the set up menu you can adjust for high compression, light compression or no compression, but no volumne level.

Most channels are ok , the ones that I have problems with are the Live Music Concerts. I really have to crank it up to get the volumne level.
I have to be careful when I change channels because of the huge sound level difference.
Calling Comcast does no good.
Same issue with Comcast and my Scientific Atlanta HD Box. I suppose you could set the volume to variable and turn it up for a particular movie/show you are watching but would suggest turning it back to fixed after that.
I have Comcast and the same problem.
In the set up menu you can adjust for high compression, light compression or no compression, but no volume level.
I have Verizon FIOS and it has both Compression as well as fixed/variable volume output. I previously had COMCAST but that was a long time ago and I don't recall what my setup options were. I believe there are devices that will level volume outputs for all channels, but I think they cost a couple hundred $s and it ticks me off the service providers won't do this w/i their systems.
Nick778, My Comcast (Motorola HD DVR box) will not allow any volume adjustments.
The 565 if I remember correctly has input sensivity ajustment from 1 volt to 3 volts for every input indepently. It should be in the manual.
Thank you all for your thoughts. I did change the volume output to fixed on the Comcast (Samsung) box. Meridian does allow you to adjusts your inputs via a gain adjustment to make them all approximately the same, but this only works on the analog inputs, not on the digital or optical.
I will look into the compression adjustment, that is a new one for me.
Strangely I have to put the volume up over 3/4 on a 200 watt amp to get a barley decent sound level on regular TV.
Maybe newer equipment is set up to accommodate this?