Problem driving Martin Logan Ascent i's

I have a new krell S300i that keeps clipping. The volume is low 80's. I don't think that the S300i can handle the speaker load. Any thoughts?
I had a 400xi that drove my ML Ascent i very loud with no problem at all, certainly well above 95db, probably well over 100db (it's been a few years).
Not sure how the 300 compares to the 400xi.
If you do the math the Krell Asent match should produce quite high levels . There is a problem some where . A friend that used to sell ML said the panels need replacement every 10 years or so . How old are yours ?
I heard a 40 watt Golden Tube amp easily handle ML's sweetly. I think there may be some other problem.
Your Krell has plenty of power and current for the Ascent i's. Make sure the power cords are plugged all the way into the speakers and that whereever these are plugged into, hasn't tripped a breaker or a relay.

You might need to pull the power board out of the back of the speaker and see if the fuse has blown inside.

Martin Logan has excellent customer service. If you can't figure it out, call them.

Are your speakers plugged into an electrical outlet? Is the little light in the front of the speaker lit? Sometimes the Martin Logan power cords can become loose over time.
Thank you for all the responses. I posted this for a friend. He was pushing the Krell S-300i to the point that it was not clipping. The thermal protection circuit was kicking in. 8 hrs straight, heat became an issue. We added a sub and it is sounding wonderful. Again thank you.