Problem copying a CD

I have successfully copied a few CD's I own, but recently ran into a problem doing so with one. On track 10 of a 12 track CD I got an error called "underbuffer". I tried on another PC with other software, no good. Tried at 4x and 16x write, same problem. Tried isolating only 3 tracks (so there was much more tha enough space), same problem. Do I have a defective CD or is there something else wrong here. Both PC's operate fine, copy other CD's.
Are you using two different drives or just one? I ran into this issue using two drives. The read drive was operating slower than the write drive. It will record for a while and then stop. I adjusted the speed on the CD writer so it ran at the same or slower speed of the read drive. Haven't had any problems since. Good Luck.
if you are burning "on the fly" with the source disc in one drive and the blank in the other... you shouldn't be! this is a big no-no!!!

not only will you get errors such as the one you are seeing, but you can also get audible defects.

to get a good copy you really need to transfer the tracks to your hard drive and burn from the hard drive.

the best program for extracting from the disc is EAC. it's easy to use and it's free.

you can get it here:

the above responses are good. also, try to make a copy at a ration of 1:1; in otherwords, copy at the slowest speed. there are some CDs that just won't copy ar 4x, 6x, or whatever. It just won't work.

If, after a few tries, you can't get it to copy, move on to the next one and let it go.
I have now tried using the Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 and a single drive at 2x write speed (slowest I could set). The result showed no errors and so I think I'm in "Fat City". I then go play it and pow, tracks 10 and 11 hang up. I put the original in the same player and it is fine. Should I just give up? Could the original CD have a flaw one cannot hear or an error code built in on purpose?
The Sony CD burner that I installed in my PC came with disc duplication SW which works fine so long as I use 8X speed or slower.
CD copy problem solved! Got another original of the CD and it copied fine. Lesson: Because a CD plays fine doesn';t mean it copies fine. Thanks to all for good input, however.
glad you got it figured out.

EAC would have saved you a lot of trouble, though, as it can sometimes read a bad disc that can not be read by lesser burning programs. what it does is it reads the problematic spot over and over until it gets it right. if it can't, which is rare, it will tell you the exact location of the "suspicious position" and you can either fix it or ignore it... or buy a new cd as you did if it's really messed up.

I would be interested in the results if you were to try EAC with the original bad disc. there's a chance it could have corrected the problem.
AFAIK, EAC is the only available tool that checks CRC when reading, and reports *all* errors. But it doesn't allow to copy on the fly, and with good reasons for that!
They have pretty much to read about the known issues on their web site, if you'd like...