Problem advice please

I came home last night and noticed that the light on the front LCD dispay of my Denon 2900 is not functioning
The front display is completely black
At first I thought the player was not functioning than I noticed that the light to indicate standby mode is illuminated. The player still functions

What is involved to get this fixed
Do I need to go back to Denon
I bought the player from John Tucker at Exemplar

Your thoughts are appreciated
Is it possible that you inadvertently turned the display off?
I have a 2910. The 2910 has a feature where you can turn off all your unneeded circuitry-which will leave you without your front display. I think it is your "mode" button that switches it on and off. Try that-thats what it sounds like.
my guess is the light burned out
We had a few power outages in the last week when this happens the unit remains powered on
The most recent power outage happened during the night and since my stereo is in the basement the unit had been powered on for a full day

Does it make sense to open up the unit and see if the light is burned or should I get a technician to look at it
as it's not as simple as it seems
The display of the Denon 2900 is not LCD; it is FLD which does not require illumination light. It produces light on its own.

Since the player is still functional, you should really check the settings as there is "Display OFF" function. If this is not the case, then the filament or cathode voltage for the FLD is the failure (power supply), or it may be the FLD driver or the FLD it self (very unlikely). This requires troubleshooting by experienced Tech.


Why not just call/email John Tucker? He may have the answer. I had the same thing happen to a DRA 245 receiver about 10 years ago and at the time, Denon designed the unit to be serviceable by only a technician. Can't imagine that sort of thing changing any. The display should last years, in my case it lasted about a year and a half. Before I would go to a technician though, I would try Krelldog's advice and go through the various on-screen set-up menus ... just in case.

Regards, Rich
Blue how long have you owned the Denon?
I'm with Swampwalker and Krelldog. Have you ruled out inadvertently turning off the display by turning the Pure Direct button (or changing the set up in the menu)?
Thx for all your advice Guys

I did check to see if I inadvertently turned off the display that's not the case

The player is approx 2 years old I bought it here on audiogon

Thx for your input Alex if it is the cathode voltage how much would it cost to repair
Bluemike, given your FLD display tube is still fine (which I am almost 100% sure it is fine), I'd say that the repair should be in the $200 range, max. Depending on your location shop rates, you may even get it fixed for as low as $70.

If for some reason the FLD has gone south, then it will cost more as the FLD is around $100-150 from what I know. You need to check this though.

Good luck fixing it! I'm sure it's not that bad.

Reporting back once more on my problem ...

When I look at the front display there is a dim light when I turn it on vs when it is turned off
however the blue lighting which shows the tracks and all other information is not illuminateD. The screen is blank

Do I need to send the unit back to Denon
I have not e mailed John Tucker as the unit was bought re sale here at Audiogon.

Any further input is appreciated !

Don't know if you have a user's manual or not ... here's the link for one . Refer to the last page (page 34) under troubleshooting. Maybe the thing to do is to reset everything back to the factory settings. The display is factory preset to "on." If you still get no display ... then it's back to Denon.

Regards, Rich
Alex Thx for your responses
Is this something that I need to go directly to Denon or can an experienced digital technician do the work instead

Please advise

General question to the forum Any good technicians in the Toronto area ?
Well, sorry to say but Denon will not work on a modded player. Experienced local tech is your only hope, unless John Tucker wants to take a look at it.

Same thing happened to me with a Parasound preamp. I inadventently "rebooted" it by unplugging the unit. When I plugged it back in - lights were on. Worth a shot.

are you sure you didnt hit the dimmer button? it will turn the display off if you hit it enough times. hope this works
Guys I tried it all
I will let a techie look into the problem and report back

Thx for all your helpfull suggestions
The bright side is the music coming from the player is as good as ever.