prob./ multi-room zone EQ?

I have built a 3 zone 2ch sys.using a adcom speaker switcher.need an eq. That can store 3
Different EQ. Curves don't want 3 eq's in series.any ideas who might offer such an animal.used is better 4 me (cost)
Never heard of anything like that except for the Wisdom controller or the long-gone z-Systems (which has 99 memories). Much cheaper to get 3 separate EQs.

BTW, what do you mean by EQ? There are many different approaches.
Just tweeking different speakers used in different rooms off a common amp. The rooms are diff.size shape and accoustics need to tune some freq. For each room differently.thinking someone makes a "say" 12 band or more grafic EQ. With storeable curves.for each room and speaker set. Just hoping. Seems like a simpler way than multi EQ's in series.
You might be able to use something like a Tact, and use the different settings for different rooms. Typical eq's don't work all that well for room tuning. If you go with a typical eq, you could make a chart or templates that fit over the sliders for each room. I can't imagine how you could have one device eq each room simultaneously.