Proac vs Thiel vs Spendor

I've got Thiel 2.3's driven by Conrad Johnson 12 monoblocks. Very lovely, detailed, extended highs, sweet (believe it or not), and great bass. I've a hunch that I'm missing a bit in the mids, kind of some of the harmonics. Really I'm not complaining! But I do enjoy trying new gear. I've heard the Proac 2.5 and suspect it might be just the ticket; that is, great bass and highs but all the harmonics too. I DO NOT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO COMPARE THESE SPEAKERS IN THE SAME SYSTEM IN THE SAME ROOM, alas. so I can't know for sure what will be the result of a switch to Proac 2.5 Have any of you had a chance to compare Proac 2.5. head to head to any Thiel, particularly the 2.3. (I've owned Thiel 3.6, 2.2, 1.5, 1.2 so comparisons to any of these are useful too.) A long shot is Spendor, which I suspect would sound Gorgeous but might sacrifice some detail and imaging, sigh..... Please copy me via email at
You should also listen to the Dynaudio Contour 3.0. These speakers are priced around $5K and are excellent speakers. Their bass response and over all sound may be better than the above speakers listed.
ProAc and Thiel have similiar qualities. Thiel has a very different sound. Overall, I would have to say go with the ProAcs of the 3 mentioned spkrs. Also, CJ is a great match with the rather component touchy ProAc.