Proac vs Thiel vs Spendor

I've got Thiel 2.3's driven by Conrad Johnson 12 monoblocks. Very lovely, detailed, extended highs, sweet (believe it or not), and great bass. I've a hunch that I'm missing a bit in the mids, kind of some of the harmonics. Really I'm not complaining! But I do enjoy trying new gear. I've heard the Proac 2.5 and suspect it might be just the ticket; that is, great bass and highs but all the harmonics too. I DO NOT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO COMPARE THESE SPEAKERS IN THE SAME SYSTEM IN THE SAME ROOM, alas. so I can't know for sure what will be the result of a switch to Proac 2.5 Have any of you had a chance to compare Proac 2.5. head to head to any Thiel, particularly the 2.3. (I've owned Thiel 3.6, 2.2, 1.5, 1.2 so comparisons to any of these are useful too.) A long shot is Spendor, which I suspect would sound Gorgeous but might sacrifice some detail and imaging, sigh..... Please copy me via email at
ProAc and Thiel have similiar qualities. Thiel has a very different sound. Overall, I would have to say go with the ProAcs of the 3 mentioned spkrs. Also, CJ is a great match with the rather component touchy ProAc.
You should also listen to the Dynaudio Contour 3.0. These speakers are priced around $5K and are excellent speakers. Their bass response and over all sound may be better than the above speakers listed.