Proac vs Dynaudio

If you have experience with both Proac and Dynaudio floorstandards, I would be most interested to know how they compare. Accuracy, transparency, detail, non-fatiguing "georgeous" sound, imaging, power-handling, etc, whatever differences stand out in your opinion.

Basically, I would love to own Quads but don't have room for them. Another way of approaching this subject would be: which of these two would approach the Quad experience better? :-)
Hi Aktchi,

I have a Proac tabellete 50 sig and a Dynaudio 1.3se though they are not floorstand . If you like warm sound or you can say colored sound. I suggest you go with Proac cause their voice is special, musical , like listening the music in the concert hall. Proac is able to assemble this kind of sound but they lose to Dynaudio in term of quality. Dynaudio gives you transperancy , high and low extension , energy , dynamic and reality without warm character. It will depend on personal preference , some people want more reality sound , close to original recording. Some may perfer more romantic and warm style.
For my perference, i would like Dynaudio more . It would be perfect if Dynaudio can have a little more warm character. thx
The Tablette is anything but warm and inviting. It's been known to drive people from the room in the same way fingernails across the blackboard will do. However, the ProAc 2s is definitely in that "musical" camp and if you listen primarily to classical and piano music - that could be your speaker. The 2.5s strike, to my ears, a wonderful balance between overly warm and overly detailed.
I own Dynaudio 70s for my front pair. I keep listening to music on other speakers and can't talk myself into replacing them. There is no fatigue, I believe due to the silk dome tweeter. I hear them as warm, great transients, bass extension to 40 Hz (-2 dB measured), and very life like. I would have to spend better than $3000 to move up, at least to my ears. I understand the newer ones are even better. I have not heard the Proacs. Good luck!