Proac tweeter issue

hello , I purchased a used pair of proac response 2.5 a few weeks ago . The tweeters seem to be working fine but the "foam" or whatever it is around the tweeter has darkened in some spots.Looks wet in some spots. I rubbed my finger against it to feel if it was a liquid.The foam basically disinigrated in the affected areas ? When i insected them at the previous owners house they were not this way . Ant ideas ? I thought i read about the tweeters being surrounded in a liquid ? could they have been damaged from the car ride to my house . Just curious ?
Yes, assuming a 'spill' condition happened from moving them. Best to replace both tweeters with ProAc replacements, otherwise the sound will not be original.
The Scancpeak 8513 (used by Proac) tweeters have a foam ring applied to the faceplate, over time this foam can deteriorate just in the way you describe, New foam pads can be bought I think from Madisound, they are self adhesive - you can clan off the old ones with Goof Off or similar. Make sure to keep this off the dome when cleaning it off. This foam is for diffraction only and really have no bearing on the "functionality' of the tweeter.

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ScanSpeak Foam

Here they are
Fantastic ! The sound seems fine so i will replace the foam for cosmetic reasons .Thanks ,Mike.
Hi Mike

Your welcome - there really is no "magic" in this just plain solid engineering.

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You can buy the correct ProAc tweeter foam from Modern Audio the ProAc Distributor. They usually have them in stock. BTW, they aren't just there for looks.

Are you seriously suggesting that the diffraction foam on a ScanSpeak tweeter somehow is "different" if ScanSpeak supplies said tweeter to Proac :-) :-) :-)

Thats just too funny, and exactly one of the things I refer to as "magic" that folks are led to believe. LOL

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Pbnaudio, I did not suggest that at all. It is something you managed to create in your own mind. This is exactly why I love to see commercial users here. You think you know more than the rest of us lowly members.

The fact is the original ProAc tweeter foam has ProAc written in it which will restore the speaker to its original condition.

"they aren't just there for looks" was what made me jump to that assumption, that and the fact that "snake oil" is so rampant in this industry.

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I seen the foam from Madisound does not have proac labeled on it . I would much rather have the speakers in original condition . Has this discoloration happened to any of you ?
Pbnaudio, I can assure you I am 100% anti-snake oil. You are correct about snake oil being rampant in the industry. I was recently reminded of the guy that could improve the sound of your system through the phone. I also remember the Kinergetics KCD-40 I bought used many years ago that was filled with little green flakes from a product call Stop Light. Even today, I am a stickler for original power cords. Oh, I have tried after market power cords and I hear the difference. However, I am a purist in the sense that I want to hear equipment the way it was intended to be heard and if a given piece of equipment does not sound right in my system a $2,000 power cord is not going to fix it.
Maplegrovemusic, Yes, I would say this is fairly common, but it is an easy fix.
I am sure you have your answer already but in case (not going to read the whole thread):

You can pay $40 at ProAc (Modern Audio, contact info on ProAc's website under world distributors)

or you can pay $4 at Madisound, just call and ask if you need help identifying the right ones.

Personally, I would definitely pay the extra $36 so the foams would have the "ProAc" stamped on them, but then I'm completely nuts.

Of course, it is not new tweeters you need. Some people think you mean foam surrounds as in the foam suspension attaching the driver to the frame, but these tweeters do not have foam surrounds. And should you ever get to this point: if you do need to replace those tweeters, do not believe people who tell you the tweeter at Madisound is the same as the one from ProAc. It is not and will not sound the same. Get them from ProAc, they have them still. If you need more info read the vast discussion about 2.5 clones. the difference between the stock and the ProAc versions are exactly why cloners could never get the sound right in the clones. Plus the same deal with the woofers. Get any replacement drivers from ProAc.

Stunningly lovely speakers, no? Would love to hear where you found them and how much, if you feel like it...

River 251 . I picked them up on craigslist for $1400. They are natural oak . The condition of the cabinets is great . They came with the original boxes . I am amazed at the sound these produce .
Excellent deal, and I love the Oak. Went all the way to San Diego to get some in yew for 1500 but he sold me his One SCs instead. We stood around switching back and forth. 2.5 was wonderful, but in my much smaller room, the One SC bass fills it. Could not do the 2.5 here. What wonderful speakers. I would trade up to Tablett Anniversaries, having A-B'd them and the One SCs....