proac tablette - signatures / rainmakers, et al

Does anyone know how these compare? I listen mostly to rock, blues, soft stuff like Norah Jones, nothing hard.
I'm thinking of moving up and these makers have been suggested, in part because of fine detail. A sub would be used. Thanks.
I've heard both of those speakers. They have very different presentations. I had the Proac Tablette 2000 monitors for a while, and while their detail is good, I found them very uninvolving and "dry". They lacked organic texture to the music. I was using them with some very good tube mono blocks that blossomed with many other speakers, so I'm not sure you can blame it on my electronics, although it is possible that I lacked synergy with the upstream electronics.

The Totem Rainmakers, on the other hand, have a fullness and richness to the sound that belies their small size, and is initially an exciting presentation. They do this, however, by exaggerating the mid-bass and having one-note bass, which to me gets frustrating over time. They're not as detailed as the pro acs, going instead for a little more of a warm sound.

My recommendations, instead, in the sub-$1000 price range (used) would be none of the above, but rather the consideration of a few others:

1) Von Schweikert VR-1's. These very lean and detailed monitors really need a sub, but they present detail and imaging beautifully. They lack in bass, but that can be compensated with a sub.
2) Coincident Triumph UHS. I used to have these, and they are excellent for the size and price. Good linearity from top to bottom, full sounding but not at the expense of detail. And they can be driven by just about any amp.
3) PSB Stratus Mini. A bargain on the used market, they have outstanding palpability and imaging for their (used) price. A sleeper in PSB's outstanding Stratus series (unfortunately no longer in production).
4) JMLabs Electra 906. Available used for just under $1000, this is in many ways the best of the ones I'm mentioning. Great linearity, bass remains tight and articulate surprisingly low, and there is good detail for picking out the nuances of the music. Imaging is above average. A real solid performer.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, Michael. I will explore your options.
Add Silverline Minuets...sound great.
Sufentanil, have you listened to anything from Amphion? If so how do you feel they would compare to what you've mentioned? I continue to be really happy with my Argons but haven't been able to compare to many other high end monitors so always interested to get impressions from others.

I've heard the vr-1 but it was long enough ago I don't remember well enough to say. I've heard a few from the jmlabs line but not the Electra, and while I found them initially pleasing ultimately there was something artificial about them to me.
I haven't heard Amphion though I did read a fine review in Hi Fi. Part of the need for research is that I have no audio stores that carry high end equipment near by. All of your input is very helpful, narrowing the starting point. I hadn't consider Von S v1 or Amphion. Do dealers give try outs? Buying unheard is risky, $$. Thanks to all.
The Tablette 2000 series are IMO the failure product in the Proac line.

The Tablette Ref 8 Signature, Response 1SC and the current D1, D2 and Tablette Anniversary are capable of good things with superb imaging, transparency and detail although they can sound little dry and lean. A warm amp or tubes will match the Proacs nicely. I would take any of these Proacs over the Totem Rainmakers any day.

For a more organic touch especially with blues and soft music from the likes of Norah Jones, you may want to explore the Harbeth P3ESR.
The latest Norah Jones album kicks ass, but I understand. I should have mentioned that the Silverlines were raved about and are a relative bargain compared to Harbeths and Proacs (a third or so of the price).