Proac Tablette or B&W cdm7nt or Audio Physic Yara 2 Classic

I need to decide which to have... which to keep between those 3.

i like the proac for the clarity, very clean sound without the harsh found in Focal Brand.. however, this proac doesn’t have  bass. 
i like the B&W cdm7nt because of the look, the sound is acceptable but not as clean as the proac, i like the bass.

because both speakers have 4 banana sockets, i can put them in series and put the proac on top of the B&w without disturbing the sound stage.. and get the best of both world. I end up with 3k worth of speakers.

or i can just replace both with an audio physic yara 2. Which is i think is a 2k or 3k speakers

I need to decide tonight which setup..  should i sell my proac and b&w. Aand replace with an audio physic yara 2 Classic.

receiver is a Mcintosh ma6300.


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why not get 2 subs and properly integrate them in with your Proac's. Something about Proacs and the way they suck you into the music is hard to forget. I'd imagine you could sell the B&W's and buy the subs for similar money that will satisfy your bass needs.