ProAc Tablette 50 or Quad 12L?

Hiya all,

I have a line on both. In your own personal opinion which one is better. They will be driven by 18 wpc int tube amp

Thanks in advance to all replies.
Tablette 50, hands down

Agree with Tim - ProAc hands down. Might I ask which tube amp your going to pair it with - perhaps the Alamrro 318B?


PS - I have the Almarro (18W/Ch) driving Aurum Cantus V3Ms and its output belies its stated power rating.

I never heard of the Almrro. I currently driving the ProAcs with Audio Space AS-3i int. which puts out 18 wpc triode and 32 ultralinear. I do prefer the triode settings, plenty enaugh juice for the ProAcs.

Thanks for replying,

You're welcome.

The AS-3i is a nice unit. These units are made in Hong Kong (where I live) and have a great reputation. The ProAcs are very popular in HK as well. Having heard both, but not in the same system, I can understand why and believe also that triode mode would be the better match.

Enjoy your new lovely kit.


I would appreciate if you can advise on the differences between ALmarro 318A and 318B. From what I understand, the 318A is not as powerful as the 318B. Will the 318A have enough power to drive the Proac Tablette 50 Signature?

Thanks in advance.