Proac Tablette 10 and Response DB3


Has anyone heard either of these models?

The Tablette 10 has been out for a little while and there are a couple of reviews on them, one at Tone Publications and the other at their dealer in Scotland,  The Music Room.

The Response DB3 is new, so I haven't been able to find much on them.

The Tablette 10 is a new Tablette design using a sealed enclosure

instead of a ported enclosure. This means the Tablette 10 can go

with it's back against a wall, and still has great bass when stand mounting. There will be a Signature version in the summer. The DB3

however is slightly bigger than the Tab 10 and is ported. The Response

DB3 means there is no need for Tablette Anniversary or Studio 118

as it is better than both of these. Launched in February 2017 they may

not yet trickled through, but I am sure you will be amazed particularly

in bass performance.

Stewart, Thanks for providing more information. I had been anxiously following this as I am trying to build a budget second system for my attic! My main system has the Response 2.5 which I am still enjoying.

The new models and their naming / model range is throwing me a bit off. So, with Tablette Anniversary and Studio 118 gone, is the Tab 10 now the most budget friendly model? And then there is  DB1, DB3 and D Two!. What is the difference between Tablette series and the Response series? Is the next step up from Tablette 10 is the DB3?

I am currently visiting London and hoping some local dealers here will have all the bookshelf models for me to demo so I can figure out the difference! 
Hi Stewart, 

Did you  cancel the D148 from the Studio series line ?
Is a new model coming soon to replace the 148 ?

Hi Stewart,

Do you mean there will be a new Tablette 10 Signature this coming summer? What will be the technical differences and expected improvements (sound quality) between the Tablette 10 and 10 Signature?

What is the maximum distance the Tablette 10 can be away from the wall?
Hi Steward,
What would be suggested/recommended bi-wire cables for Proac d48 in £500-£1000 range?
What cables do you use yourself? 
    Why not try the Proac wire
 It works well for me and tonally its dead center
  Proac Dealer
Audio Connection

Thank you JohnnyR!
I did not know, that Proac does/sells their branded cables. It seems they are the same as internal speakers' wiring. 
I will ask local dealer, but I think that exclusive distributor in my country does not import them, at all. If that scenario will turn true, then I will ask my brother living in Scotland to buy for me. 
Any information on the Tablette 10 Signature?