Proac Tablette 10

Has anyone heard the new Proac Tablette 10 yet?

This new model shows up on the Proac website now - apparently somewhat of a departure for Proac, in that it is a sealed enclosure somewhat similar to the LS3/5A.

I will be very curious to hear what it sounds like.

I'm very interested in this as well.   Not sure we're going to hear much more about this till after CES in January.  
I would like very much to find out how it compares to the Tablette Anniversary and similar models from Harbeth and Spendor.
Old post, but can anyone share his/her experience auditioning tablette 10, and/or signature edition?
I own the tablette Anniversary, and have listened to the 10. we were comparing other stuff, so I was not focused on an A-B comparison between the speakers.   I did not think there was much difference, but the other listener said the 10 was better.  I Don’t recall how he said it was better.

With the rear port on the Anniversaries, I did spend a lot of time finding the sweet spot in my room. I was told the 10 are a lot more room friendly.  I used to own the original Rogers Ls3/5a 15 ohm (1975).  I think the anniversaries are much better.  I also home editioned the Harbeth P3ESR next to the anniversaries.  In my system, I could not live with the P3ESR, and could not see what all the excitement is about.  

Driving with EL34s (Primaluna HP).
@meiatflask thank you for your input!  Would you consider the 10s on the bright side of neutral?  Also, in terms of imaging/soundstage, what is their ability to produce holographic sound, compared to the P3s?  
Did not really form an opinion about brightness, but the fact that I don’t recall suggests that they were not noticeably bright.  But take this response with a grain of salt.

As to soundstage depth, size, my anniversaries bested the P3s in my home,in my opinion, with my electronics.  However, the harbeth dealer suggested that since I listened to the P3s positioned optimally for the anniversaries, I should have tweaked their position for the harbeths, and I might have had a different opinion.  Time limits prevented that.  So again, a grain of salt.. 

But I never compared the 10s to the P3s.