Proac Super Tablette

Any of you heard these speakers? I'm thinking of picking a pair up. Just wanting to get some input.
Search the forums and the internet in general. There is plenty of info. and opinions.
I own two pairs, great sound, great value in the used market. However, since these speakers are on the elderly side, condition is everything. So, make any sale conditioned on your inspection and test when received.
Actually, Roxy, there really isn't much talk about them in the forums here. Only a few threads mention them but don't really give a good, in depth review of them. I don't care so much what non audiophiles think of them, so the web's oppinion doesn't matter; the "web" gives bose high ratings. I can also get a pair of nht classic three's for the same money and may do that instead as they got really favorable reviews and I could see myself replacing my studio 20's with the threes, where as the tablettes may just become a second system. I had my heart set on a pair of opera platea's but I didn't have the funds for them, which was a total drag.
I loved them many moons ago used them with quicksilver amps and they were excellent...make sure the right stand is used with a height of 18" to 24" depending on your listening ear height position.
I had a set of tablettes and really liked them. I had a few other Proacs and the tablettes were not of the proac house sound. The were different. They had a good vibe and I thought they made great sound for the 500 or so I paid used. Personally though I think the dynaudio audience 42 at around the same price are far more appealing. After owning 4 pairs of Proacs I came to realize I am not a proac guy but I do think the tablette is pretty good for the money
I don't think you can go wrong with the Proac's. I've had a couple pairs myself. If it were me, I would go with the Proac's and not the NHT. Another brand of speakers you may want to consider is Spendor. They're excellent as well.
The ProAcs are great. I was a dealer for many years, but, not any more. I still use response 3's at home. They are my all time favorite speaker. I'm sure there is better, but at the price, really hard to beat.
I owned a pair for several years. These are among the best imaging speakers that I've ever heard. However, in the end, the extended high end coupled with rolled off bass response proved tough to live with. IMHO, this is a great example of great strengths paired with real weaknesses.

Went with a pair of vandy 2ci's instead. Totally different speaker than tablettes, but I've always wanted to have a pair ever since I was a little kid (22 years ago). I got them for $300, the tablettes were going to be $400.
I would suggest you download the well written Vanderesteen manual.
suggests many positions on odd dimension for best in room responses.

Tilt back as in manual with a washer and string as per chair distance indicates.

For best speaker performance they should be level.
For finding side to side level position.
Put the bubble level across the wood strip on the top front of speaker. adjust front spikes until level.

Then do the tilt back with a laser on top of speaker pointed forward
aiming toward the wall behind your listening chair using a sharpie pen with both landing points mark em with a post it note and draw a circle around each laser red landing points.
simply level by adjusting back spike of the speakers till lasers are horizontally equal on both post it notes this your starting point

Read this all the way through it will then make sense.

Listen in all 3 positions first to see which of 3 positions sounds best.

In chair in normal position == if perfect ((leave it alone))

Sit on a pillow and listen == if perfect up there adjust back spikes on both speakers counter clockwise this will begin to correct tilt back towards your normal seating height
listen then adjust both speakers at a time till best tuned.

Slouch low in chair and listen == if perfect down there turn both back spikes clockwise and listen till best tuned for your normal height position.