ProAc Studio vs. Dynaudio Focus

I am pretty much sold on the Dyns., but I have one more speaker of interest, the Studio Series from ProAc. The closest dealer from me is almost 5 hours away, so I am wondering if this is a worthwhile venture or not. What I mean is, are these speakers real similar in character, or maybe a different flavor worth trying? I have the Focus 140s already and love them, but another system is in need of speakers. All opinions are more than welcome and appreciated.
Have you ever listened to any of the other classic British speakers like Harbeth or Spendor? While Proac is certainly a distinctive line by itself, it is in the same "family" in terms of their approach to sound.

I auditioned Dynaudios before settling on Spendor. The Spendors did a better job of sending the sonic triggers I need for enjoyment of reproduced music but the Dynaudios have strengths of their own. I could certainly see someone making the opposite decision.

The point is if you've heard either Harbeth or Spendor speakers and have been particularly enchanted, then it is probably worth looking at the Proac models before you buy. If you already prefer the Dynaudio over those two, then I wouldn't waste a five hour drive to hear something that is in the same general territory you've already rejected.
I would recommend the Studio 140's, I almost bought a pair myself. I was not particularly enamored of the Dynaudios. I liked the soundstaging and imaging of the ProAc's much better. Depends on your tastes. I would certainly say the ProAcs are worth hearing.
I have the 140's. I did listen to the Dynaudio and found them lacking in warmth, for my ears. But my ears are not yours. Do listen to them.
get your dynaudios