ProAc Studio 140 vs. Dynaudio Focus 220........

I am considering these two speakers for my system. I am leaning toward the ProAc. They will be replacing my Mirage M5si. Currently I am running Adcom GFA-545II biamped through Carver pre. Listen primarily to jazz. I am also considering Rogue Stereo 90 to replace the Adcom. Any thoughts or suggestions regarding this setup would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
I also would be interested in whether anyone has heard the Proac 140's. I'm looking to change speakers and these are in my price range. Not that it's a big deal but I notice they won the What Hi-Fi award in their price category....
Hi I have heard both speakers with my amp (Unico), and finally I bought the ProAc. It's imaging is absolutely amazing! The ProAc simply makes MUSIC.