ProAc Studio 140's or Response D15's?

Which of these two would be best in a room aprox 13x15? I can't hear the D15's here.....
I have the 140's and love them, however, that is a pretty small space. Consider the Proac 110 monitors and small quick sub instead, IMO.
I should've said, I don't want to run a sub....
I have a similar sized room and find any Proac larger than the 1sc too bass heavy.Be very careful.
The 1 Sc's sound very good (maybe unbeatable) in the right space.
I have a proac sub and don't use it!
I have the D15's, used to have the 1SC's, I'd say either will work in your room without a sub. You don't need one even with the 1SC.
I have both the 140's and 1Sc's, which I use in the same room, alternatively. Room is 12 x 13. In my room, the base on the 140's is better then the 1Sc's. Mid range on the 1sc's is better then the 140's. I also have a center channel 140. I had heard the D15 at a dealer but felt the 140's better. I have tried to get the dealer to loan me the D15's so I could see how they performed in my room, but no go. Brought the 140's elsewhere. The room has no bare walls, mostly book shelf's, large double windows and open racks. Still tweaking the room. All amps, four monoblocks and one inter, are tubes. I have also run the speakers from ss monoblocks, tubes sound better. I still have the ProAc original tablette and EBT's, the 1sc's are much better.
Appreciate all the responses....hehe... The D15's are on the way. Also, I should've mentioned the ceilings are 9 ft. We may be moving into a loft style townhome where the ceilings are basically infinate....
If you move into a space with more room--check out the ad for the D80's in the classifieds right now--ProAc's top of the line!
I own the D-15's and think they are great speakers, definitely a step up from the 140's and very similar to the 1SC's but just a tad better all around in my opinion.