Proac Studio 100

I recently listened to a pair of Proac studio 100's and really enjoyed their sound. The dealer wanted $1,500 for them and I was wondering if that was a fair price. If so, I know where to go if not any any sugestions would be great. Cheers
I think perhaps you were looking at the Studio 150, which sold for $2300, as opposed to the Studio 100, which sell for $1500 new I think. The 150 are floor standing, whereas the 100 are stand mount. In general, you can't go wrong with Proac, if you ask me. Every Proac I have ever heard has been very musical, natural, and easy to listen to. Personal taste is a big part of the speaker decision of course. I have also noticed that Proacs are rare on the used market, which says something for sure. Thus my advice is to buy them if they are indeed the $2300 model, in which case $1500 is a pretty darn good price.
I just bought a pair of ProAc studio 100 from my local dealer, and I loved it. The retail price is $1500, and I got a very good deal below that price. I run these speaker with an integrated tube and it sounds amazing.
don't know about the price these days but i think you'll be quite happy with the ProAcs. I have had a pair of Studio 1s (the predecessor to the 100s) for 12 years and I love them. Only recently did I upgrade to the Response 2.5 which are fantastic. You really can't go wrong with ProAc!
I love Proac, and wouldn't knock them (their finish alone is an industry standard!!). But if you need a small and narrow floorstander instead of a stand monitor (if you have a medium sized room, rather than a small room), you should audition the Paragon Acoustic's Radiant, $2850. It beats the competition, IMHO, like Joseph Audio and Aerail Acoustics. FOR NEARFIELD IN A SMALL ROOM, the Response 2.5 will be better, BUT IT COSTS 60% MORE. I do think the Radiant beats the Response 1SC, unless you only listen in the extreme nearfield (less than 5 feet from each speaker).
I too have the Studio 1s, and they continue to amaze me, even 10 years later. In that time I have gone from a Carver receiver to a Pathos Twin Towers/Meridian 508-24 and they have managed to keep in step the whole way (they're even better if you remove the plastic covers from the tweeters!). I agree, you really can't go wrong with ProAc. If you can stretch just a bit, I have heard the Response 2s's which I've seen used for around $2000, and that would be a great step up.
Thanks for all the feed back. I decided to go a different direction altogether buy going with a pair of Coincident Speaker Technology's Conquests. Their different from ProAc,of course, but a fine speaker indeed. Their whole line are very tube friendly and I also went there too. Now is it Svetlana's or Sovtec or NOS tubes. So I'm hooked for sure. Many Thanks, Jeff