Proac, Spendor or Quad 22L's has anyone compared

Proac, Spendor or Quad 22L's has anyone compared. I'm looking at smaller floor speakers for a second system. Has anyone ever heard these different speakers? Has any comparisons been made with these or Deli's and Energy? I'm looking to spend under $2000 or buy a nice new pair. Listening to Martin Logan SL3's now.
every brand you've named are more than solid, but keep the SL3's. you can spend 2k to 4k and still wind up with nothing more than a sideways move. if your sl3's were the exotic-new-kid-on-the-block-flavor of the month, they would sell for alot more more than 2k....if the goal is to just go 'smaller', the energy or the proac deliver the most for the dollar.
Thanks Jaybo, ever listened to a Paradigm?
yes, they are very solid. if you're moving away from the big ML's however, i think proac and energy are the brands to 'live' with. If space isn't a factor though, the ML's are competitive well beyond their price.
I'm familiar with all three and unless you go to the very high end Proac's, then I prefer the Spendors. Quad's never have done much for me.