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Any of you folks using the Proac K Series speakers.? If so what model are you running and what are their pros and cons? Being that they have bottom bass ports, are they easy to set up in terms of minimum room interaction.

i have the d30r, among other proacs... this model has bottom firing port as well, yes placement is easier than other models with front or rear ports

never had k series sorry

About the same as you

  I have the d40r, and have owned many other proac speakers. This model has bottom firing port as well, yes placement is easier than other models with front or rear ports

Never had k series sorry
I too have the D30R and I'm very impressed with them although I haven't had many other speakers to compared to. The tonal balance is superb and the lows are also very potent for it's size. I suspect the K series will be even more impressive. Even if placement is not critical due to the bottom firing port, it's still best to be away from the back wall. 
two points

1) with stu tyler and proacs, one mainly needs to understand that bigger models are for bigger rooms, more bass output, more absolute spl capability - so the trick is to get the RIGHT speaker for your room, not the highest speaker in line that you can afford - stu’s higher dual woofer models will absolutely overload a room that is too small for them

2) from his marketing verbiage, it seems he is trying for an even higher level of transparency in the k series... having proacs since the 1990’s i would never say that his regular speakers, the curren td series etc etc are artificially warm or with any extra romantic coloration -- in fact i would say that among the british boxed speaker makers, proacs already among the most ’see through’ in sound character (equalled only by atc perhaps) ... so i am curious to know how far stuart is going with the k series...


Thanks for your detailed reply.

Based on my room size of 24  x 26 with cathedral ceilings, can you recommend the right size K series speaker for this room?  I was thinking of either K6 or K8 leaning more to the K8 based on there larger woofers. The K10 might cause a bass overload.  Love to hear your thoughts. Thanks Sam

my honest answer is i don’t really know, as i have not heard the k series, and also i don’t know how you like the tonality (specifically bass heaviness/impact) of your system - some folks really like bass!!

your room is plenty big, so either k6 or k8 shd work fine and not overload, also depends what you drive them with tubes or solid state... i would say, and can say though, that my d30r has, by my ears, a very solid low end in my 16x18 room, and i think stuart is clearly programming in a very solid bass foundation in his modern floorstanders... much more so than his earlier ones like response 3 or 3.5 which were clearly bass light despite the dual woofer design (the notable shift occurred with the r3.8 - responding to complaints about weak bass, he traded a few pts of efficiency and the friendly 8 ohm impedance for more solid fuller bass response)

ps - mijostyn’s point is a valid one... sats and subs can be a very very good sounding solution for proacs... but just depends if you want to go floor standers for sonic, aesthetic or simplicity reasons vs high performance sub/sats
Thanks again for your follow up. I am running Jeff Rowland 925 mono amps with Corus preamp. I am not a lover of high impact bass however it should not sound anemic. Since I listen to mostly Jazz and female vocals, midrange  and highs are the most important qualities. I cannot stand the hassle of subwoofers, so that is not an option but is a good thought. Have a great day.

with your description if it were me i would err on k6 side

can always move speakers lil closer to wall or corners get a touch more bass support if needed

harder to dial down too much bass or boominess

good luck have fun
I have the Proac D20R speakers they were really easy to set up.I also have a Rel 812 subwoofer and I enjoy the flexibility of a sub because it lets you dial in the bass the way you like it.The subwoofer really improve my sound as it gives you a bigger soundstage and the clarity in the midrange was was also better, and my center focus improve also.If I was you I would go with the k6 and subs. Let us know how it turns out all the best.
I envy you for the room you have. A pair of ProAc K6/K8 will nicely sing in the room. I really recommend adding bass traps in all corners. This is not just for ProAcs, but for any full sized loudspeakers.
I have the D48R in a 16 X 19 room. This is a purpose built audio room with treatments. The bass traps made a huge difference, without which the mids would have smeared up. If you can afford the K8, go for it. But remember to also add the bass traps, without which you will be hearing more of the room than the speakers.
ProAc users,To experience what your speakers are capable of, try " Terje Isungset - Fading Sun" either on Spotify or Tidal. It was not on Qobuz, when I tried searching it couple of months ago. Below is the Youtube link.Full sized ProAc users - careful on the volume control.
Thanks Millais:

Very interesting music. Could not find the song on Qobuz either, however the other music is very interesting and is good for demos.

Any recommendations for ProAc speakers for an 11'(w) x 18'(l) x 12' (h) room? Driven by naim or cj tubes.
Any recommendations for ProAc speakers for an 11'(w) x 18'(l) x 12' (h) room? Driven by naim or cj tubes.
I think a pair of D2R's would be fine in a room that size. I love my pair in my room of similar size. You could also step up to a floorstander in the response line if you want more bass impact. I find the D2R's going down to 30hz suits my taste fine.