Proac sc1 speakers with ARCAM AVR350?

Has anyone heard the ARCAM AVR350 paired with PROAC SC1's or Signature tablets? IF so- what are the pro's and cons?

I have not heard it with the Proac, but I will say it i
s an impressive reciever. Its two channel audio is not just good; it is FANTASTIC! I love Sim Audio as well, and though Sim wins on midrange, it also can be a bit analytical. Arcam provides emotion that I miss with Sim, which is the reason I put back a FMJ32A in my second room. I owned the AVR300 and just got a kick out of how good it performed on two channel as well as home theater. I would assume that proac, dynaudio, totem, pmc range of products would be fantastic!
Thanks Rkerv

I purchased some Proac D15's and bi-wired them to the avr 350.
They are stunning in the sweet spot and also up close.