Proac response One SC or Proac response D15??

Hi Dear fellows!!
I have a square listening room ( about 14.5 feet X 14, 5 feet) The worst geometry in audio hehe!!!, but I did a very decent work by setting my audio system not centered in the room, with a big bookshelf on the right ,  heavy curtains on the left and a big absorbing sofa with a heavy curtain in the back and it works ok.I actually use Proac one SC monitor speakers associated with jadis orchestra amplifier, ead dsp 900 pro dac , audio alchemy dti pro   and a modest California Audio Labs Delta.The proacs one SC works perfect, there is clarity, focus, good imaging but I notice a little lack of bass heavyness.My question is:....... Do you think the newer Proacs D15 floorstanding speakers have the same clarity of Proac one sc but having at the same time fuller  and plenty bass or by using these D15 I will loose the clarity so beautiful achieved in the smaller One SC monitors??

Another question is: Do you think that in using Proacs D15 I will have problems of reflections due to the geometry and size of the room?
I know that the best solution is to compare them side by side, but that is no possible in this case due to distance and  also beacuse I have to sell my proacs one sc in order to get the money for buying the D15(a little risky situation indeed)
I will highly appreciate your advice!!

D15 is an amazing speaker. Go for it. It wont overload your room but you will hear a level of open-ness and transparency that the response sc is not capable of. D15 is a different class.
Here is a thread that may give you some more insights
I have the SC1, in a small room.  I would go with the D15, as its base response is much better.
I owned the 1sc and my room was 12 x 13, had a Rel sub at the time, and they worked beautifully together. The 1sc  with the right amp, I had a Cary 300sei, was magical. Best of luck 
Hello Guys!!
Many thanks for your impressions!!
I guess  the Proac´s D15 have  a more open sound as if you were listening in a cinema, or at least is what I could here ( excuse me for what I´m going to say) viewing some videos in you tube, hehe!!!The one Sc seems to have upper clarity, but I guees the D 15´s have a more surrounded and fuller sound than then 1sc.Is that right?Any other experiences will be highly appreciated!!

The D15 is a great speaker - I almost bought a pair way back when - but so is the 1SC.  If you like the 1SC right now, and all you need is some low-end push and weight, I like needfreestuff's thinking above about adding a REL sub.  I have one, and can recommend it.   It will give you what you're lacking, without giving up what you like about the 1SC.   The D15 does have better bass response than the 1SC, but I think a properly set up 1SC + sub pairing will have better bass than just a pair of D15.   And a good sub will be helpful in many setups going forward...even if you decide to swap the 1SC for D15, or some other speakers of similar stature, the money spent on the sub shouldn't go to waste as your system evolves.
I enthusiastically support the addition of a REL sub to your 1SCs. I added a REL S-2 to my 1SCs and it made an enormous difference to the presentation. It takes a little experimenting to get them properly integrated, though. My room is about 22' X 14' with 8' ceiling. Because of how the room is configured, I have to set up my system across the short dimension. If you do decide to change to the D-15s, you may have to sacrifice something you like about the 1SCs in favor of the advantages of the larger D-15s. This was certainly my experience when I supplanted my 1SCs with the newer Response D-2s, though I suspect the 1SCs and the D-15s are a better DNA match than the change I made.
The newer Proac D series with ribbons are KILLERs  I'm a Vandersteen guy and love them for what they do, but I owned Proac's since the mid 90's. I went to the Proac dealer a couple of years ago and walked out with Treo's, lol.  I did like the D series from the 2's on up, but I recently heard the 5k ones with the ribbons and was amazed.  They were the best sounding Proac's I"ve ever heard and I've had nearly everyone of their speakers in my system since 1992 or so.  I'd go up their line a high as you can afford.  Also, Richard (the long time distributor) is gone so there is now real support for the line in the US and that's important.  Good luck and let us know what you do.
Dear fellows,
I finally decided to keep the Proac´s One SC.I discovered that they are speakers very sensitive to listening room position.Also is very important the type of interconnect cables you use.I got a pair of Van Den Hul interconnect cables and the bass gradually appeard.So I´m very happy with these speakers.Excellent clarity, balanced and so real the sound to my ears.For the money they cost, I think these little speakers are the right ones if you are looking for a  natural sound , accuracy, and image.They excells in classical music, jazz,acoustic in general.So I´m happy that I could keep them.So again ,patience and dedication can sometimes reveal a completely new sound using the same audio equipments.I will take it as a general rule in audio to test every possibbilities, cabling, positioning, power cords, etc etc before getting rid of any equipment, because once you change any of them , you will start from zero.¨it´s like when a dog is trying to bit it´s tail¨hehe!!Cheers and any other experiences with Proac´s speakers will be highly appreciated!!Raf

Just my 2 cents worth, but I've owned a couple different generations of Proacs, and feel that the late 90s generation (Response 1S, 1SC, 2, 2S, 2.5, 3.8...) have the "soul" and emotional engaging quality that the later D-series is missing. I've owned the D28s and have gone back to the Response 2.5 with no regrets. Might it be the Scanspeak drivers that were later replaced with Volt?

As far as you're issue is concerned, think the idea of the 1SC paired with a good sub would work very well.

Bob -
Have you heard the new D series with the ribbon tweeters?  I believe Proac has changed the other drivers as well.  I do remember, however, hearing a 3.8 driven by a Jadis Da50 integrated amp in the Jadis room at a Stereophile show (must have been the late 90's (?)), and it was one of the most engaging systems I had ever heard...

The new ribbons are a totally different speaker than the other D's as webbed said.