ProAc Response One and Tablette 50 Sig Comparo

I own a pair of ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures. I like them a lot, but am curious as to the similarities and differences regarding them and the Response One SC. Acoustic instruments and female vocals are what I listen to most. I've considered purchasing a pair of One SCs and keeping the speakers I like better, but any experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have a pair of 1SC's but have never owned the Tablette 50's. The 1SC's have a smooth frequency response from the treble down through the midrange into the upper bass. They start to give out in the mid-bass, and the low bass is absent. (A subwoofer is highly desireable.) They are good at imaging and can do the "disappearing act" quite well. They sound quick and detailed. You have the Tablettes and understand how they sound. My reading of reviews suggest the Tablettes have more prominent highs that are quite revealing but could also be somewhat fatiguing. They could easily sound more detailed than the 1SC's because of this. My impression is the midrange and the upper bass are better represented in the 1SC's with a smoother and more even response. They are probably comparable imagers. Subwoofers would likely help meaningfully with the Tablettes.
Hi James. Without ever hearing the 1SCs, I have assumed many of the differences you note. Much more has been written about them compared to the Tab 50s. I would think some of the differences could be attributed to the larger woofer of the 1SC. And as you say, I have found that at times I prefer having a sub working along with the Tab 50s, but not always.