Proac Response D40R or D48R

I have the Proac Studio 140MK2 and considering an upgrade to the Response D48R ,Unfortunately I can’t make a demo in my country.
owners or some of you guys who heard the 40/48 can give me your impressions about them ?Is there any differnt between the 40 to the new 48 ? Between the Ribbon version to the dome twitter one ?
I have not heard the D-48, but I own the D-40r.

I have heard the Proac dome speakers and they are good but the ribbon tweeter IMO is a better sound, It integrates very well with the mid/bass driver and there is no discontinuity
Greetings Itzak

First of all you are most likely enjoying your Proac 140 MKII they offer an engaging view into most music with their charm , punch and feel while still being a medium size tower.
The 140MKII have a forgiving nature with most well chosen electronics.
 They will always seem to pull in the music lover yet offer a nice sense of emotion or drama while doing it.

The Proac D48Rs while similar in their family sound as above allow us to reach a deeper more natural foundation in the bass area and open a clearer window with their mid band and top octaves, play more effortlessly. and while still fairly easy to place like the 140s you will want to make sure t your gear is decent or capable of bringing you to this level.

 With that said
 Their clarity becomes immediately obvious at lower volume levels right on up with effortless dynamics staying composed in a James Bond kinda way.

Many speakers can make a mess playing  Mahler, or Cream, Live at Royal Albert Hall.

Here the D 48Rs on Clapton's guitar and Cream perform some important things for me.
 Excellent tonal expression with a full bodied feeling, unique percussive weight Impact, scale ,while preserving the unique overtones of RA hall.

The D 48s playing Elgar captures the musics feel of celebration and wonderful bounce engaging you with their superb string-tone.
 Voices have a natural clarity beyond the140IIs range here.
The  Proac D48Rs offer a rare seductive relationship for guitar lovers exposing  diverse tones yet hearing into their reverb, hang times, and doing this all at robust enjoyable volumes.....
They allowed me to appreciate when I listen to The Who Live at Leeds what a great band is supposed to be.
The Proacs in general play the music of whats there instead of being outta step.
Hope this helps
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Thanks JohbbyR

Recently I upgraded my amplification to the McIntosh MC152 / D100 and I do feel that it has a lot of potential that currently is not fulfill with mine 140MK2's  that's why I am considering the D48R I heard some other options at the same level price and even more expensive but
it didn't sound wright to me ,Proac is one of the rare companies that their speakers sound "correct" to me : neutral,natural and engaging without sounding  "artificial"  and trying to impose something that is not exist in the original recordings .

I was a little suspicious about the ribbon twitters , however heard the D20r and found more clarity and agility than the dome twitters. 
My dealer can order what ever I want ribbon or dome version  but unfortunately it's in stock in my country so can't make a demo. 
Ribbon tweeters can be more narrow / more focused / more "beamy" than dome tweeters. I witnessed this when I demoed a pair of ascend acoustics sierra towers with a high end RAAL ribbon tweeter. No the speaker for me, mostly for other reasons.

I really do enjoy the ProAc sound and while the D20s I demoed got loose on the lower frequencies, my ProAc studio 148s are the speaker for me (budget, soundstage, tone, size and frequency response). Try some Soundocity SEV9 outriggers with your 140s. I use them and love them. You can use them if you upgrade also. 
I own the Proac D-30R's and had a chance to briefly audition the D-48R.
What impressed me most with the D-48R was its effortless sound. It just
sounded so natural and musical that you sort forgot about everything else. The ribbon tweeter is wonderful by the way. Not bright or edgy, just very smooth and extended.
cmach, is the D-48R a significant step up from the D-30R?  I am considering the D-30R.
A new version is on the way the D30S that use the same revised new driver of the D48.
 The D48 must be significant step up from D30 due the extra driver ; deeper bass and more clarity and control in the mid.

If you have the room size for a D-48R I think its worth the extra $$. It takes all the strengths of the D-30R and expands on them. Better dynamics, more resolution and a completely  effortless sound. That being said, for my room the D-30R was the better fit and I've really
been impressed with it.

Kclone my room size is 16 x12.
itzhak1969, I pulled the trigger on the D48s, but I won't be able to give you impressions because it won't be here for a few weeks (ordered silk white, takes awhile).   Sounds like you are thinking about the D30SR anyway.  Good luck in your search. 
Hi kclone,


Please keep us posted once you can I am very curious to find your impressions  about  the D48.

By the way you have a mistake I am thinking about the D48 for upgrade not the D30 .
oh yeah, it looks like you were advising some one else to look into the newer version of the D30.  My bad.  As for mine,  it will probably be 3 or 4 weeks.  Then there is burn in.  Is break in pretty lengthy with the D48R?

By the way, does the D48R come with the Proac emblem as seen here?  I think it looks cool, but I have only seen it in pictures of the Maple color.
No ,the new D48 doesn't come with Proac emblem on the drivers.
The break in period of Proac speakers is very long about 500 hours, I remember that it took me more than half a year for my Studio 148 to open up and perform at their best.
500 is long time to wait for something to break in all the way.  Hopefully it will sound good early one even though it won't have enough time on them. 
After 50 hours  approx  it will start to open up and sounds good , The full break in period is about 500 hours then the D48R should really shine at their full potential.
I heard a number of speakers in the ProAc line and settled on the K-6's because I found the ribbon tweeter was clearly a step up from the dome in the speed, clarity and overall presence without any pitchiness.  Also agree with the prior comments that overall coherence with the ribbon tweeter was noticably better.  Great speakers.